This article will guide you on how to upgrade your cart from version 3.7.15 R2 to version 3.8.2 R3. This outlines the steps and procedures needed to ensure it is done correctly. 

Why should I upgrade to the latest version?

Note: Before moving forward in this article, please check with our support team to make sure you're on a server that works with PHP which is required for this version.

Having the most updated software ensures you're not experiencing issues with Payment Gateways, Shipping Options, and you'll receive the best possible experience when using PinnacleCart. If you're unsure what you will be getting when you upgrade, you can create a free trial account by using your email address, check out its features, and learn how simple the new GUI is.

You can also view the changes from 3.7.15r2 to 3.8. Here is also a list of changes with each upgrade from the 3.8.0 r1:

Another big change to the 3.8 version of the cart is that we have removed the Mobile Template and gave the cart a Responsive Theme now. The Responsive Theme lets your customer experience your shopping cart on a PC, tablet or mobile phone without changing the shopping experience. Your site will automatically adjust to fit the screen in each of those versions.

We've added new Themes to the mix, removed some of the older ones, and spiced up the selection with newer ones. You can take a look at all the Themes and see what best fits you. If you don't like what the cart has to offer for Themes and would like something different, check out how PinnacleCart can meet the needs of your Business.

What are my options?

Note: Please review these options carefully. In order to upgrade to Version 3.8.2r3 you will need to be on PHP 5.3 or higher. If you're not hosted with us, you will need to check with whomever you're host is. For hosted customers, you can call Support or submit a ticket.

As a customer, you have a few options for this. The details below gives you an opportunity to see what PinnacleCart can do to help.

Self-Upgrade: This will be an upgrade that you will do by yourself. The information on how to do this will be provided in this article as well as the package to download. The suggestions for this method would be:

  • Create a cart2: Create a /cart2 directory on the server, copy over all files from your live site into that directory. Create a Cart2 database — this is done by making a copy of your live database that allows you to have all your products, customer lists, and orders in your Cart2. You can then upgrade this cart and do the design work which is required before pushing to your live site.
  • Pushing Site live: This will require upgrading your live site to match the current version of your Cart2
  • Upgrade Live Site: The other option with Self-Upgrade is to directly upgrade your live site — we recommend the Cart2 option just in case anything goes wrong with the upgrade. You will be responsible for any issues that happen here, so creating a backup of all your data is a must. If you're a hosted customer, we can try and do a restore from the Server Backups to assist in this.
  • Customization: If you have any modifications, Custom PHP, addons, Sliders, these will be lost during the upgrade and will need to be re-installed. This also goes for any SEO work done directly to any of the files.
  • Upgrade by PinnacleCart: The cost of this is $199.00 (for hosted clients) $423.00 (for licensed clients). We can upgrade your site directly or create a /cart2 directory to install this and allow you to work. Once done with your Cart2 Design, we will push your Cart2 live which is included in the above price.

How to get started

Note: Creating backups before making any changes to your cart is always advisable. Please review this article on how to create a backup, this may look different than your current cart but the principle is still the same.

Make sure you're on the latest version of the 3.7 series which is 3.7.15 R2. You can see the version of the cart you're currently on when you log into the Admin of the cart (or at the login screen).

cart version

Also, once you login to the Admin it will look like this:

updates are available link

Note: In the above image you will see the link for upgrading to the next version of 3.7.

In the above example, it shows that the cart is on 3.7.12 R3 and the link is providing the option to update. You will want to follow the instructions closely here. If you have created a backup correctly and run into issues, this will allow you to restore quickly and efficiently then the Support Team can see what went wrong and provide assistance.

pinnaclecart update

Once you have Finished upgrading to 3.7.15 R2, you can move on to the next step. Make sure everything is in working order before doing so. Check by clicking around different areas to ensure there are no errors. Move to the front end of your site and browse like a customer, go through checkout to make sure there are no issues there as well.

How to Upgrade from 3.7.15 to 3.8.2

Warning: We HIGHLY recommend creating a development cart to test the upgrade prior to upgrading your live website. 

1. Download the upgrade package here.

2. Download it to your local PC. Once the download has finished, unzip the package.

3. Open up your FTP client and locate the folder on your computer. Login to FTP for the server and upload them to the root directory of your store. (Learn how to FTP here). 

4. After the file upload has completed, navigate to to run the database update script. This will now update your cart to the latest version. 

5. Once finished, you can log in and see if there are any further update links at the top of the admin area home page. If there is, you will want to run each of them until the links no longer appear. 

Finalizing the steps after upgrading

Note: It's always important that you check everything if it's working after doing an upgrade on your cart. This includes going through the checkout page as a customer on the front end.

Now that you have upgraded your cart, you will want to go into the Design area on the left-hand side and choose a new Theme. The new Themes will be the ones that have a mobile picture next to them. If you didn't remove your old Skins folder from the 3.7.15 R2 cart you will see those as well. However, those Themes aren't Responsive.

change theme

You've successfully upgraded your cart! Now you can start exploring your new PinnacleCart and make all the Design Changes. 

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If you didn't get your question answered, please contact the Pinnacle Cart Support Team. To submit a ticket, go to the My Account drop-down menu at the top right of the admin area and select Support