Designing your store

Easily design and build a professional looking storefront that matches your companies branding.

Product and Categories

Once you get your store design, it's time to add the items your customers will purchase.

Payments & Shipping

Be sure to set up your payment methods and shipping options before you launch your store.

Customers & Orders

The lifeblood of your business quickly learn how to manage orders, customers, billing and more.


Improve your organic ranking and get more customers to your store.

General Settings

Customize your store so it meets the needs of your growing eCommerce business.

Apps & Integrations

Improve your store's functionality with your built-in apps.

Migrating from another platform

Move your store from your existing platform to PinnacleCart.


Learn more about our professionally designed themes and how to customize them.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain insight into how your business is performing.


Set up PinnacleCart to manage your taxes correctly.


Need help with your store? Learn how our Professional Servies team can help you grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, we do! To access our community forum, click here. You have to log into your account first before you can post topics, answer questions, or leave c...

404 pages are present when a page has been removed/deleted or turned off to be worked on. These pages present an error saying something like, "The page...

Yes, you can have access to the PinnacleCart source code. Contact your account representative through phone, email, chat, or submit a support ticket to...

To change the look of your printed invoices, you will need access to the HTML files and modify them. This article explains how you can edit or change t...

Here are 2 options on how you can move your store from Shopify to PinnacleCart.  Applies to Version(s): 3.5.x to Current In this article, you...

By default, when you access the Orders page, the orders shown have a Status of Process and Payment status of Pending or Received. This can be changed, ...

Bandwidth and Disk Space are an important part of your hosting. Knowing the difference between the two will help you better understand what Plan you sh...

Every PinnacleCart store has its own unique login page. The address to your cart's admin login page will depend on the domain you have on your account,...

There's a few different ways to hide prices in PinnacleCart. You can prevent visitors from seeing the price, forcing them to create a login to view it....

PinnacleCart has a built in integration with reCAPTCHA, Google's CAPTCHA service. You do not need to mess with code to get this to work. A CAPTCHA ...

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