Pinnaclecart 3.9.0 R8 has been released. We strongly recommend updating your cart as soon as possible with the latest version. 

This release has 99 fixes and improvements.

Store Front

  • Fixed issue where product image via Image URL does not align with other product images in the product listing, recently viewed items panel, and on the cart page.
  • Fixed issue where product listing gets broken when a product’s overview has html tags in it.
  • Non required attributes empty field's values now displays 'n/a' instead of not showing.
  • Improved icon alignment on Product page
  • Fixed fatal error displays on About Us, Terms and Conditions, and Contact Us pages
  • Improved subscribing functionality, logged in user can now subscribe other emails.
  • Unsubscribing will now need an email verification if email is a registered user.

Payment Gateways

  • Improved Bambora NA by adding payment profile functionality.
  • Removed CCS payment method.
  • Improved order status for new Authorize.Net, 'Held for Review' status will now be considered as 'Processing'.
  • Updated API endpoint for prupay/linked2pay.

Cart Designer/Themes

  • Theme Game Depot - Color setting under the 'Show manufacturer slider' has been removed.
  • Theme Urban Living - Home page slider is disabled by default.
  • Theme Decollete - Fixed issue where Newsletter section does not stick properly on the footer section in some pages.
  • Theme Foodfly - Fixed issue where delete button is not properly aligned on Wishlist page.
  • Added the ability to rename theme revision.

Control Panel

  • Fixed issue with incorrect validation checking in the admin area - Checkout Settings Tab under store settings.
  • Fixed issue where payment method can be activated through recurring billing page even though the said payment method is not active.
  • Fixed some minor typos.
  • Improved language usage.
  • Improved spacing issues in Order Form page, buttons on Product Features Groups page.
  • Fixed issue where checkbox is defaulted to checked even though initially set to unchecked upon adding Order Form.
  • Added default values to some fields on recurring tab on product page.
  • Added price modifiers if product has a set price modifiers Order Form product page.
  • Include link/button separator for Stamps Shipping label in Order page.
  • Move gift message from 'Order Custom Fields Details' to a new section.
  • Improved button colors in admin area - Order Page
  • Order page order notes will now display as 'No' if set as 'Without notifying customer'.
  • Product Review page search filter change from Review to Reviewer.
  • Included "declined" option under the status search filter in Product reviews page.
  • Fixed issue where deleting product review via bulk action delete (all) on search result page would delete all product reviews.
  • Add new search filter in Order page.
  • Added Category settings when exporting/importing categories.
  • Included "Reset" button on Manage Filtered Menu page just like any other pages with Search filter.
  • Fixed issue where removing products in "Products in this group" does not allow multi select function in Promo Code page.
  • Fixed issue where order summary with at least 4 digits total amount is not presentable in mobile view.
  • Copy product function now working on product listing page.
  • Fixed issue when adding product attribute with a name that contains apostrophe produces an error.
  • Improved return-refund functionality in the Order page.
  • New order statuses 'Refunded' and 'Partially Refunded'.
  • Fixed Bulk Product Update will result to a product that is Non-Taxable to now be a taxable product.
  • Fixed Order Export producing an error.
  • Fixed issue where admin cannot proceed to the next step when selecting different country aside from United States in Quick Start Guide.


  • Fixed issue where order does not calculate shipping if split shipping is used.


  • Fixed issue QuickBooks customer shipping address syncing.
  • Fixed issue where when exporting subscribers, first name and last name connected to the email registered on the newsletter is not included in the exported CSV file.
  • Fixed custom shipping price will become 0 after update.
  • Improve security against XSS attacks on the store front.