One of the notable improvements in this version is the inclusion of PayPal Credit Messaging. If you’re store is using PayPal Commerce Platform as one of its payment methods, you will have the option of activating messaging throughout the checkout process encouraging visitors to use PayPal Credit as payment. This can be an extremely effective method to improve conversions, especially though the holiday season. 

This release has over 90 improvements and fixes including:

Store Front

•    Improved product page UI and functionalities

•    New design for “Order Completed” page

•    Improvements to Gift Messaging

•    Subtotal added to Cart page

•    Improvements to Category Sorting

•    Implemented new shipping address validation. Dial-A-Zip deprecated

•    Improvements to Cart Designer

Payment Gateways

•    Improvements to validation and testing functionality

•    Improvements to Profiling for PruPay Payment Gateway

•    Added customer data, shipping data, line item data to

•    Integrated PayPal Credit Messaging

•    Improved PayPal validation

Control Panel

•    Improved functionalities when assigning/unassigning items

•    Improvements to both Product Export and Product Bulk Export 

•    Improved Site, Category and SEO page validation

•    Improvements to Filtered Menu

•    Improvements to Promo Discount

•    Improvements to Product Reviews (bulk approvals)

Other Improvements

•    Improvements to Shipping Price calculation

•    Implemented new API calls for Shipments

•    Implemented new API calls for Site Subscribers

•    Implemented new API calls for Categories

•    Improved USPS Shipping Price Calculation

•    Improvements to Split Shipping when using digital/virtual product

•    Implemented Shipping Real-time Weight Differentiation

•    Improved Google Merchant export XML structure

•    Implemented Reset Username

•    Improved Cookie security


If you are on version 3.9.0 R5 or 3.9.0 R6, just click the upgrade link found on the top right of your control panel. 

Version 3.9.0 R5 included the new PayPal Commerce Platform. If you are using PayPal, please follow these instructions to start your upgrade process.