Multi-shipping provides the customer with Product Level Shipping. At this time, the feature supports only custom shipping methods for a flat rate. This option allows you to create different customized shipping methods for each of your products and set a price for each of those products as well. 

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.0 R1 to Current

What is Multi-Shipping?

Note: This will not work for Real-Time Shipping Methods such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS. This is only a Flat Rate option at this time. 

Multi-Shipping is a new addition to PinnacleCart that gives you the customer an opportunity to set the price per product being shipped. You will also see multiple shipments on checkout such as:

multiple shipments

How do I turn this on?

Note: This is currently available only for version 3.8.2r3 and above.

Step 1

When you log into your Cart Admin, navigate to the following Settings>Shipping & delivery>Shipping settings>Display, Checkout & Taxes

Under Shipping & Checkout, select Enable shipping to multiple destinations then click Save.

enable multi-shipping

Step 2

Navigate to Settings>Shipping & delivery>Shipping methods>Add Domestic Method or Add International Method>Add New Method>Select custom shipping method>Set individually per product

custom shipping method

Step 3

You will want to select a name for your Flat Rate method, and one that will differ from others so you can easily recognize your method. For example, here I've used "Multi-Ship Fedex" and incorporated that into the title:

multi-ship method name

How do I turn this on for my products?

Next, head to the Products & Categories. Find a product that you want to assign this Method then click Edit. 

Go to Product Details>Shipping, Weight & Dimensions then enable Calculate shipping on product level. Once you enable this, you will now see your options. 

calculate shipping product level

You can have as many Multi-Ship methods as you would like per product. But remember that this is what the customer will see and be charged for based on your pricing. So I suggest you only use one per product and set up new ones for different products. 

In the example below I have 4 Multi-Shipping Options:

multi-shipping options

Next, test this out on a few different products. Try setting up 3 test products or use the ones that were inserted with the theme and then create a few different Flat-Rate Shipping Methods

What will it look like on multiple products?

Note: Based on the theme and design of your cart, this may look completely different than the example provided.

Now that we have added Multi-Shipping, find your products on the site (I suggest using a search widget to make this easier) and add to cart and proceed through checkout. Here is how mine look:

multi-shipping checkout

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