Multi-shipping provides customers with Product Level Shipping. As of the moment, the feature only supports custom shipping method for a flat rate. This option allows you to create different customized shipping methods for each of your products and set a price as well.

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.0 R1 to Current

What is Multi-Shipping?

Note: This will not work for Real-Time Shipping Methods such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS. This is only a Flat Rate option at this time. 

Multi-Shipping is a new feature in PinnacleCart, allowing your customers to set the price per product that is being shipped. You will also see multiple shipment on the checkout page such as:

multiple shipments

How do I turn this on?

Note: This is currently available for version 3.8.2r3 and above only.

Step 1

Log into your Cart Admin then navigate to the following: Settings> Shipping & delivery> Shipping settings> Display, Checkout & Taxes

Under Shipping & Checkout, select Enable shipping to multiple destinations, then click Save.

enable multi-shipping

Step 2

Navigate to Settings> Shipping & delivery> Shipping methods> Add Domestic Method or Add International Method> Add New Method> Select custom shipping method> Set individually per product

custom shipping method

Step 3

Select a name for your Flat Rate method, and one that will differ from others so you can easily recognize your method. In the example below, "Multi-Ship Fedex" is used as the shipping method name.

multi-ship method name

How do I turn this on for my products?

Head to the Products & Categories. Find a product that you want to assign this method, then click Edit. 

Go to Product Details> Shipping, Weight & Dimensions, then enable Calculate shipping on product level. Once enabled, you will now see your options. 

calculate shipping product level

You can have as many Multi-Ship methods as you prefer per product. But remember, this is what the customers will see and be charged for. It is recommended that you only use one per product and set up new ones for different products.

In the example below, you'll see Multi-Shipping Options:

multi-shipping options

Next, test this out on a few different products. Try setting up 3 test products or use the ones that were inserted with the theme and then create a few different Flat-Rate Shipping Methods

What will it look like on multiple products?

Note: Based on the theme and design of your cart, this may look completely different than the example provided.

Now that we have added Multi-Shipping, find your products on the site (use a search widget to make this easier), add it to your cart, and proceed through checkout. Here's how it will look:

multi-shipping checkout

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