Applies to Version(s): 3.9.0 or Current

Complexity Level: Easy

Estimated Time for Completion: 5 minutes 

In this article, you will learn

How to Add Cardinal Commerce

How to Enable Cardinal Commerce on Authorize.Net

How to Add Cardinal Commerce

Cardinal Commerce is available to add another layer of security to your payment transactions. You can sign up for a Cardinal Commerce account here.

  1. In your control panel, go to Apps > App Center.
  2. Find Cardinal Commerce in the App Center and click to open. 
  3. Enter your Cardinal Commerce URL, Processor Identification Code, Merchant Identification Code, and Transaction password. 
  4. Click Activate.


How to Enable Cardinal Commerce on Authorize.Net

To enable Cardinal Commerce on, you will first need to setup Authorize.Net here

  1. Once enabled, go to Settings > Payments > Authorize.Net.
  2. Click Edit to expand Settings.
  3. Under Advanced Settings, set Enable Cardinal Centinel to Yes.
  4. Click Save.

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