Intuit Payment offers no setup fees, monthly fees, and cancellation fees, making it a convenient payment service. Receivers of bank-to-bank payments only get a flat fee of 50 cents per transaction. Sending money is FREE and accepting credit card payments cost 3.25% of the transaction amount.

This article will guide you on how to update Intuit Payment Services.

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.0 - Current

Complexity Level: Advanced

Estimated Time for Completion: 30 minutes 

Step 1

Create an Intuit Developer Account

        1. Go to

        2. Sign up for a new Intuit Developer account or sign in with your existing intuit login. (This goes much smoother if you use your existing intuit login.)sign in or sign up

Step 2

Create an app to generate your development keys. Use the app for yourself, your clients, or make it available to all QuickBooks users by listing it on the QuickBooks App Store.

        1. Sign in to the developer portal. From the menu at the top-right, select My Apps. On the My Apps Dashboard, create a new app by clicking the + Create an app button.create app

        2. Select QuickBooks Online and Payments.QuickBooks Online and Payments

        3. Enter a name <any name> for your app. Be sure to select the "Payments" scope and the countries you want to accept connections from, and click on Create App.

app form

Step 3

To go live, you will need QuickBooks Online production OAuth keys. Production keys allow your app to access and interact with production QuickBooks Online data.

        1. Complete your account profile and verify your email address.account profile

        2. Go to your app’s dashboard. Under Production, click Keys & OAuth and Provide End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy URLs.  These URLs can be anything, including

production key requirements

        3. Go to your app’s dashboard, click Production. Select an industry from the list or None of the industries

        4. Provide a logo and name for your app. Refer to the Naming and logo guidelines page. This will help your clients identify your app.

app info

        5. Click the Keys & OAuth tab under Production and now input on redirect URL section. (Make sure for, you use your own https URL of your cart.)

        6. Click the Keys & OAuth tab under Production to get your production keys.

Keys & OAuth

        Your app is now able to access QuickBooks Online data.

Step 4

Download the patch for your version of the cart in the URLs below. Note that if you do not see your cart version in the links below, please reach out to our support team. If you're doing this on your own and are hosted with us, contact our support team to be sure that you're on PHP 5.6.x for the 3.8.7 R2 patch. If you are hosted on your own server, check with your host before applying the patch.

3.8.7 r2  <php 5.6.x required>

3.8.7 r3  <php 7.2.x required>

3.9.0 r2  <php 7.2.x required>

Step 5

Once you finish downloading, unzip the package. Open up your FTP client and locate the folder on your computer. Login to FTP for the server and upload them to the root directory of your store. (Learn how-to here.)

After the file uploads have completed, navigate to (change "yourdomainname" to your own domain) to run the database update script. This will now update your cart to the latest version of Intuit.  Once finished, you can log in and see if there are any further update links at the top of the admin area home page. If there is, you will want to run each of them until the links no longer appear.

Step 6 

Log in to the admin area.

If you are on 3.8.7, please go to Settings > Setup your store > Payment methods and edit your settings for Intuit Payment Services. intuit payment services

If you are on version 3.9.0, go to Settings > Payments & Taxes > Payment methods and edit your settings there.edit intuit payment services

In here, you will plug in the client ID and client secret you got from the above steps.

Once saved, please click the Connect Button on the payment method list and sign in with your actual intuit payments account login credentials and pick the company assigned to your payments account.

NOTE: As per the Intuit Payment Method's flow, this session will last up to 100 days before it expires, and then the user/merchant needs to authorize again, which is to click the Connect Button on the payment method list.

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