Backups add to your overall disk space on the server you host on. Whether that be with PinnacleCart or another provider, it's a good idea to save old backups locally and remove them off the server when done.

In this article, we will explain how to make, manage, and delete backups.

Note: If you host with PinnacleCart, we do retain backups for up to 14 days on our servers. If you don't have any recent backups that you've created yourself, you can contact support to have it restored on the server-side.

Applies to Version(s): ALL

How to Create a Backup of Your Website

In PinnacleCart versions 3.9.0 R1 to Current, you can create backups by following the instructions in this article. You can create backups of specific areas of your cart or choose options and backup the entire website.

create backup

How to Restore a Backup of Your Website

To restore a backup you've created, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Backup/restore. When you have restores available, you will see them listed on the Backup/Restore page. On the right, click the Restore button.

restore backup

Backup naming scheme

Backups created by the PinnacleCart software will use the following naming scheme: cart version - date - unique number - what was backed up - file type zip extension. An example of this would be: 3.8.2 R.3-20160421-205438-files-skins-cache-img-db.tar.gz. This will help you locate an exact backup by the date it was created, and what was backed up so that you know you're restoring the correct one.

Downloading a Backup locally to Your Computer

Once you've created a backup, it's a great idea to download it locally, so that you can remove it from the server and save that space. To do this, you will want to establish an FTP connection to your website. See this article for how to use FTP with PinnacleCart.

Once you've established an FTP connection, navigate to your cart root, then go to content/backups. You will see the same backups there that you see on the Backup/Restore page of your admin area. Right-click and choose to download the file. Once it's downloaded to the folder of your choice, right-click it on the server again and select Delete.

Note: You can also upload backups back into the content/backups folder. When you do this, they will show back up in the admin area, where you can restore them. In addition, once a backup is local, you can unzip it and find specific files. This will allow you to manually restore only a file or two if you wanted, or view the .sql file for old database information.

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