Applies to Version(s): 3.8.7 - Current

Complexity Level: Medium

Enabling multiple ship to addresses in the admin area.


Below is how to enable shipping to multiple destinations which allows your shoppers to ship items to multiple addresses in a single order.


1.  Go to Settings as seen below.



2. Go to Shipping as seen below.


3. Click the white advanced settings button as seen below.


4. Expand the misc settings section as seen below.



5. Here you will see the option for "Enable shipping to multiple destinations"



How customers use the multiple address shipping feature.

Step 1.  Add multiple products to your cart as a shopper.

Step 2.  Go thru the check out process by filling in the billing address if you are not logged in as a registered user.

Step 3.   Then go thru and before you get shipping rates you will see a button that says ship to multiple addresses.  If you click this you will be presented with a place to add new shipping addresses.


Step 4.  Then you select the quantity of each item and a drop down for adding more addresses or selecting ones already in your address book.


Step 5.  If this has been done correctly you will see the shipping rates for each address as seen below.