The cart administration for PinnacleCart uses the icons below throughout the online cart administration. These visual aids assist in providing a clean, intuitive interface for operating your online store. Take a minute to look over the list below, you will see a legend of icons and what they represent in PinnacleCart.

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.0-R7 

Legend of Icons

The cart admin interface uses many images to represent an object or action. The table below shows the most common icons and what they represent.

IconsDescription of Icon
PinnacleCart Logo
View your admin cart's dashboard.
Hide and show the admin cart's menu.
View Storefront
Opens a new tab to view your live store.
Clicking this icon will show you the different admin options listed below. 
Knowledge BaseRead articles and tips on how you can improve your cart's interface. 
Live ChatReach out to our support team by clicking the chat-head icon found at the bottom right corner of the screen.  
BlogAn access to PinnacleCart's published articles.
Plan PricingList and features of the available PinnacleCart plans.
PCI ComplianceRedirects you to a page that talks about how PinnacleCart values security.  
Terms and ConditionsStates in detail what are the Terms and Conditions for using 
Privacy PolicyStates in detail how PinnacleCart secures all your data. 
Message Center
View the messages from our support team. 
Search different options and settings for your site.
Orders & Customers
OrdersView the order status from purchasing customers.  
CustomersView the personal details of your purchasing customers.
Products & Categories
Browse productsBrowse the products you have posted on your site.
Add a new productAdd a new product to your site.
Browse categoriesBrowse the categories of the products you have posted on your site.
Add a new categoryAdd a new category for the existing and new products you want to post on your site.  
ManufacturersCheck the list of the manufacturers of the products you have posted on your site. You have the option to add, edit, or delete a manufacturer on the list. 
Global product attributesAdd attributes to the current products posted on your site. 
Thumbnails generatorGenerate product page, thumbnails, and secondary images for the products posted on your site. 
Recommended productsChoose which product will appear on the Recommended products section once a customer visits your site. 
Bestsellers settingsEnable bestsellers allow you to display up to 7 of your most profitable products for a period of 1 month to 1 year.

Enable customers also bought gives you the option to display a number of products that other customers bought from your site. 
Product reviewsView the product reviews and ratings posted by your customers. You can either approve or decline it.
Order formsAdd, edit, launch, or delete order forms from your site.  
Manage themesChange the theme of your live site. You can edit it according to your preferences.
Catalog settingsCustomize how your categories page, product page, and images appear on your site. You can also opt to enable the predictive search feature.
Site pagesThe option where you can add pages for your site such as About Us, Terms and Conditions, and Contact Us.
Custom formsCreate, delete, and edit forms for your site.
Custom fieldsAdd custom fields for the forms of your site.
SnippetsCode snippets allow you to add custom Javascript and CSS code (scripts) to your site without modifying the theme.
Social sharingLink your social media accounts to your site.
Google toolsAllows you to enable Google Analytics and Adwords Conversion Tracking
SEO settingsEdit the SEO components of your site.
Promo discountsAdd promotions and discounts to the products posted on your site. 
Global discountsAllows you to create discounts based on the subtotal amount of your customers order.
Drift marketing campaignsAdd and create drift marketing email campaigns to be sent to customers. 
Follow up campaignsAdd and create follow-up email campaigns for customers.
QR codesConfigure and enable QR codes for your site.
TestimonialsAdd, remove, and edit testimonials for your site. 
SummaryShows your total revenue, orders, revenue per order, and conversions per weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual period. 
Sales performanceView the sales performance of the specific product posted on your site.   
Sales performance summaryA sum up of the performance of all your products. 
Sales by payment typesView the sales performance of your store by the types of payments your customers use. 
Sales by customersView the sales performance of your store by sorting purchasing customers. 
Products performanceView how your products have performed for the past week, month, quarter, or year.
Promo campaignsView the promotional campaigns posted on your store. 
QR campaignsView the QR campaigns posted on your store. 
Set applications you want to integrate for your store. 
Store settingsEdit the information of your store such as the name, address, contact details, and the checkout page. You can also secure your site, set the date and time zone, email service, enable wholesaler discounts, and set printable invoice. 
Payment & taxesPayment methods - Select and create payment methods for your website to process customer's purchases. You can create a Custom Payment Method if none of our supported payment methods meet your needs.

Credit card storage - Enable or disable storage of cardholder data.

Gift certificates - Send gift certificates to your customers. You can also enable and disable this feature.

Fraud detection - Activate fraud detection service by entering the API Key and API URL.

Taxes - Add tax rates to your cart, manage tax classes, enable tax exemptions, and select default tax country/state/province. 
Shipping & deliveryShipping methods - View the details of the recent shipments you've made. You can also add domestic and international shipping methods.

Shipping settings - Here is a list of functions under this option:
- Enable or disable domestic and international shipping.
- Edit shipping origin address.
- Display product shipping weight & shipping price.
- Enable or disable "Shipping Quote" feature.
- Display alternative shipping methods.
- Enable shipping to multiple destinations.
- Allow separate billing and shipping addresses?
- Allow orders to be completed if no shipping methods are available
- Use USPS Validation Services
- Set shipping tax class
- Set handling fee and handling tax
- Configure Real Time Shipping Methods

Digital download - Enable or disable digital downloads and set the number of times a digital product can be downloaded. 
International settingsCountries - Shows you the list of countries where your site can be accessed. Removing a country from the list also removes their access to your site.

Languages - Shows you the default language of your site. You can also opt to add multiple languages.

Currencies - Shows you the default currency of your site. You can also opt to add multiple currencies. 
Notifications settingsOrder - View the notifications of the order placed by your customers. You can add a new Order Notification and send email notifications to your customers once their order's status is complete or payment has been received.

Notification emails - View all the notification email templates you've created to be sent out to the purchasing customer. You also have the option to edit your email's header and footer.  
Advanced settingsAdministrators - View the administrator of your store. You can add a new administrator to manage your site.

Admin logs - View who accessed your Admin cart using your credentials.

File manager - Stored all files from your site.

API access - Allows third-party application to retrieve customer, order, and product data. For expert users only.

Backup / restore - Allows you to create a backup for your store.

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