QuickBooks Online integration completely overhauled to new API specs

Added the ability to create one-time use promotional codes

Added the ability to specify a page for a code snippet to be executed on

Brought back our Global Discounts feature




PINNACLE-4070 - Added better error handling during communications with the Stamps shipping solution

PINNACLE-4136 - Added CSRF protection to all front end forms

PINNACLE-4293 - Improved the Stamps integration to show the end users company information on the label

PINNACLE-4295 - Upgraded MailChimp integration to latest api specs

PINNACLE-4403 - Ensured email template issues cannot stop checkout process

PINNACLE-4441 - Optimized Drift Marketing for better memory usage

PINNACLE-4535 - Added the ability to set secondary images to be an external image URL via the bulk product loader

PINNACLE-4537 - Added the ability to set product level shipping methods via the bulk product loader

PINNACLE-4547 - Improved logic for setting the product meta title and description when none are present

PINNACLE-4653 - Added the ability to edit the label for real-time shipping methods

PINNACLE-4656 - Introduced "Save and Add More" to various areas of the admin area in order to facilitate adding thing like product and categories easier

PINNACLE-4658 - Added the ability to bulk enable and disable shipping methods without having to remove them

PINNACLE-4675 - Improved remote add to cart logic so quantities can now be passed

PINNACLE-4676 - Added additional product information to structured data

PINNACLE-4677 - Added user interface enhancement to the admin area for comma separated data

PINNACLE-4678 - Added listing of purchased cart add ons to cart information page in the admin area

PINNACLE-4682 - Improved Quick Start Guide to also set the site title

PINNACLE-4683 - Improved Quick Start Guide to set the support email address and notification email address

PINNACLE-4684 - Added the unit of measurement to be shown along side the product dimensions in the admin area

PINNACLE-4693 - Improved display digital download file path in the admin area

PINNACLE-4679 - Adjusted predictive search to have all options enabled by default

PINNACLE-4702 - Updated the BIN ranges for Mastercard

PINNACLE-4706 - Minor admin area user interface enhancements

PINNACLE-4710 - Added ability for end users to delete products from an order form

PINNACLE-4720 - New presentation for admin login page



PINNACLE-1778 - Ensured manufacturer and category image thumbnails were properly getting generated

PINNACLE-3887 - Resolved an issue where Pinterest could not link to non seo friendly urls

PINNACLE-4008 - Resolved an issue where nusoap libraries never utilized

PINNACLE-4191 - Ensured the right error messaging was presented to and user when an CIM profile was incorrect during checkout

PINNACLE-4231 - Resolved issues with the data presented in the secondary product image modal

PINNACLE-4273 - Fixed a typo in One Page Checkout

PINNACLE-4299 - Reworked how percentage based attribute modifiers affected wholesale product pricing

PINNACLE-4353 - Ensured the setting 'Default shipping address to billing address' consistently worked properly

PINNACLE-4399 - Fixed an issue where attributes with price modifiers added to the cart are able to exceed their inventory limit

PINNACLE-4405 - Resolved an issue where changing the label of a real-time shipping method could cause the method to not work anymore

PINNACLE-4423 - Ensured the Braintree integration correctly lets you know if it is in production mode or not

PINNACLE-4429 - Resolved an admin area font sizing consistency issue

PINNACLE-4452 - Ensured the 'Product Attributes per Order' portion Products Performance report worked correctly

PINNACLE-4459 - Adjusted language used in the Doba app

PINNACLE-4509 - Resolved an issue with customers also bought sometimes showing a blank product

PINNACLE-4524 - Ensured the consistency of results between Predictive Search and the actual front of site search page

PINNACLE-4539 - Resolved a use case where you could not delete primary image from products

PINNACLE-4546 - Resolved a user interface display issue in the Order Forms section of the admin area

PINNACLE-4550 - Resolved an issue where clicking Cancel on Design > Catalog settings directs you to Settings page

PINNACLE-4553 - Ensured the seo settings in the Quick Start Guide as well as the search engine settings page had matching states

PINNACLE-4554 - Ensured a consistent user experience with the rest of the admin area when deleting testimonials

PINNACLE-4557 - Resolved an issue where secondary images were not always exported in order

PINNACLE-4558 - Ensured the 'Last Orders' box on the admin home page is displaying the correct orders

PINNACLE-4564 - Resolved an issue with not being able to accept the PayPal BillMeLater terms

PINNACLE-4566 - Resolved an issue where the handling fee was displayed on free shipping during checkout

PINNACLE-4580 - Resolved an issue with YouTube video links getting removed from products during duplication

PINNACLE-4581 - Ensured users get properly redirected during an edge case error in image thumbnail generation

PINNACLE-4582 - Ensured the admin area was correctly using the category image thumb

PINNACLE-4584 - Ensured that stealth products were still included in product data feeds

PINNACLE-4586 - Ensured that there was an admin user interface element to add a remote product image in admin area

PINNACLE-4588 - Resolved an issue where removing primary status from a remote product image could make it disappear

PINNACLE-4590 - Ensured that product widget defaults were being properly respected throughout the admin area

PINNACLE-4591 - Resolved a minor user interface issue where when an admin is editing a user, the company field was marked as required

PINNACLE-4592 - Ensured there was an icon for orders on customer list page

PINNACLE-4593 - Resolved a condition where you could have a greater minimum amount than the maximum amount entered in the order min/max settings

PINNACLE-4598 - Resolved an issue where the Manufacturer ID was still in red even though an id has been inserted

PINNACLE-4599 - Resolved an Undefined index error on the Sales by Payments Types report

PINNACLE-4600 - Resolved a fatal error issue when applying a custom filter on the products performance page

PINNACLE-4601 - Resolved an issue where png imaged uploaded to categories were getting converted to jpg

PINNACLE-4602 - Ensured the product based intelligence reports showed the correct product id

PINNACLE-4603 - Resolved an issue where promo code usage could cause transaction inaccuracies with PayPal based gateways

PINNACLE-4616 - Ensured the correct url was copied to the clipboard when clicking copy url on the product image modal in the admin area

PINNACLE-4617 - Resolved an issue where you couldn't remove United states and Canada from the countries list

PINNACLE-4619 - Resolved an issue where you were unable to save any miscellaneous shipping settings due a bad logic check

PINNACLE-4621 - Resolved user experience issues with creating payment profiles on customer front end

PINNACLE-4634 - Resolved an issue where customer and admin notification could get disabled on a product after import

PINNACLE-4636 - Ensured external images respect the sizing set in the catalog settings

PINNACLE-4639 - Resolved an issue where the image url for a product could burst the image pop up modal in the admin area

PINNACLE-4640 - Resolved an issue where the admin area was not using thumbnail for the manufacturer image

PINNACLE-4641 - Ensured the new image is automatically displayed when updating it on the category and manufacturer pages in the admin area

PINNACLE-4642 - Ensured the fonts were in place for the cart installer

PINNACLE-4645 - Resolved an issue where disabling United States and Canada did not keep them out of all of the countries arrays. This also resolved PINNACLE-4646

PINNACLE-4646 - Resolved an issue where disabling United States and Canada was not reflecting properly on country selection drop downs

PINNACLE-4650 - Removed a duplicate "category" title from the edit category page in the admin area

PINNACLE-4651 - Resolved a typo issue in the Quick Start Guide

PINNACLE-4652 - Resolved an issue with columns not lining up with product export

PINNACLE-4660 - Resolved an issue where the text input for shipping fee was set to required in the admin area even though it is not

PINNACLE-4661 - Resolved an issue where a secondary product image could get removed when setting it to primary image

PINNACLE-4663 - Resolved an issue where you could be unable to correctly import product variants with inventory tracking

PINNACLE-4664 - Ensured that registration errors shown on the storefront were more specific

PINNACLE-4680 - Fixed reported typos in the admin area language file

PINNACLE-4681 - Ensured that the default installed admin has all notifications enabled

PINNACLE-4685 - Resolved an issue where from titles were not displaying when viewing form data

PINNACLE-4686 - Resolved an Undefined variable error on Custom Forms creation

PINNACLE-4692 - Resolved an issue with Digital Download email using phrases like "Shipped" or "Ship"

PINNACLE-4694 - Resolved an issue where digital download files with spaces in the file name broke the download

PINNACLE-4695 - Resolved an issue with placeholder text not behaving properly on recurring billing properties when editing a product

PINNACLE-4696 - Moved the setting for 'Display Stock on Product Page' to a more appropriate area

PINNACLE-4697 - Resolved an issue where attributes were not displayed on duplicated products

PINNACLE-4701 - Ensured error messages during Stamps activation properly showed up

PINNACLE-4703 - Ensured password length inconsistency during checks when changing the administrator password

PINNACLE-4704 - Ensured proper error messaging non-secure passwords when changing password on administrator

PINNACLE-4709 - Resolved a cross-site scripting issue with the front of site search box

PINNACLE-4711 - Ensured the drift marketing email is sent only once per order per campaign

PINNACLE-4713 - Removed an extra registration error message on front end

PINNACLE-4719 - Resolved an issue where Product Features were displayed on front end despite having no values set up

PINNACLE-4730 - Resolved an issue where shipping methods could get displayed for states they were not applicable to

PINNACLE-4748 - Ensured proper Search by Date functionality for orders

PINNACLE-4750 - Ensured CanadaPost logs to cache during dev mode

PINNACLE-4757 - Resolved an issue where attribute price modifiers using a decimal with more than 3 digits, a comma is added and the attribute breaks

PINNACLE-4779 - Resolved an issue with stealth products showing up in "products you may like"

PINNACLE-4785 - Resolved an issue with the Google Sitemaps file not formatting properly

PINNACLE-4836 - Resolved an issue where users were not always able to upload images using cart designer

PINNACLE-4894 - Resolved an issue where Product Features options were showing on product pages when the feature was not enabled

PINNACLE-4895 - Resolved an issue with home page snippets activating on multiple pages

PINNACLE-4897 - Resolved a small issue with image selection in cart designer for Chrome browsers

PINNACLE-4906 - Resolved some conflicts between custom urls and the new predictive search feature

PINNACLE-4890 - Ensured the product updated date gets changed when inventory is updated

PINNACLE-4921 - Resolved an issue with PayPal Express Checkout refunding the entire order

PINNACLE-4927 - Resolved an issue with PayPal Standard not being able to generate a public certificate



PINNACLE-4298 - Updated the default gateway url for Shift4

PINNACLE-4455 - Resolved some minor code identification issues in content/classes/Notifications.php

PINNACLE-4638 - Removed step confirmation pages from the Quick Start Guide

PINNACLE-4885 - Updated QuickBooks Icons