PA DSS / PCI Compliant

PA DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) is the global security standard created by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). PA DSS was implemented in an effort to provide the definitive data standard for software vendors that develop payment applications to insure they are developed in a secure manner. At this time, the PCI Security Standards Council has issued a deadline of July 2010 for merchants who accept credit cards on their site to use only those payment applications that can be validated as PA DSS compliant or risk losing PCI Compliance. Therefore it is very important you to be on a PA DSS Compliant ecommerce application to avoid additional fees or have your merchant account potentially cancelled.

CSS / XHTML Template Design

All customer facing pages in the new version of the application will be CSS / XHTML driven. Besides being more search engine friendly, you’ll be able to very easily customize and change the look and feel of your site quickly. This will give us and our third party developers the ability to rapidly create custom design templates.

Drag-and-Drop Design Tools

With the template designs comes our new Drag and Drop design tools. Once in “Design Mode” you’ll be able to change the placement of design elements on the front end of your cart by dragging it to the desired location. Our “Style Editor” will allow you to change the look of every page on your site without any programming experience. For experienced designers, we’ve given you the ability to edit any HTML or CSS code directly from the front end of the site.

Template Upload Feature

Soon we’ll be introducing all kinds of new template designs for you to download from the Pinnacle Cart site. And the great news is adding them to your cart is a breeze, just simply select the template you want from the administrative area of the application and download it into the cart. You can also switch between templates with a click of a button.

Product Reviews

This powerful new tool allows customers or even potential customers to comment on and/or rate your products. Product reviews come in handy when potential customers are browsing your site; it allows them to evaluate the quality and value of your products. As an administrator you’ll have the ability to manually moderate, edit, and manage reviews, and even change your rating graphic.

Improved Search Engine Optimized URLs

While Pinnacle Cart has always been one of the most search engine friendly applications on the market, we’ve improved our application to give you complete control over your product / catalog / page URL strings. Now you can change the URL’s on the entire cart, down to the page level. Not only will this powerful tool assist with SEO, but it will allow you to match URL strings from previous applications to insure you don’t lose valuable search positioning if you’re moving from another ecommerce application.


Allow your customers to submit testimonials directly through your site. As the administrator, you will have the ability to edit / delete or post these testimonials with a click of the button.

Product Level Promo Codes

Not only can you create promo codes at the global level, but now you can designate which products the promo codes are valid for.

Doba Implementation

Doba provides a place where suppliers can list their product inventory, and you sell these items directly from your site. With over 1.2 million products at your fingertips, you’ll be able to vastly improve the inventory in your cart without the headache of managing inventory and the whole process is fully automated. These different suppliers will drop ship products right to your customers, so you never have to handle or ship products.

Drop Shipping / Multiple Warehouse Support

The new version will allow you to assign warehouses or drop ship locations to individual products. Once an order is placed, the drop shipper will be sent an email with product information specific to the products they have listed on your site. This notification includes shipping information, product information, quantity, price and everything they need to fulfill the order. Additionally your information is included to insure proper billing.

Image Tags

Another great SEO tool, image tags help search engines better understand what your images are showing customers.

Improvements to One-Page Checkout

We’ve improved our one-page checkout process so you’re customers can check out faster than ever.

Closed Store / “Down for Maintenance” Feature

Allows you to temporarily shut down your store from the administrative area.

Amazon Simple Pay

We’ve added Amazon Simple Pay to our list of supported payment gateways.

Base API

Pull product / order / customer data through our secure API and have it returned to you in an XML format.

Cost Field

Now you can know exactly how profitable your store is at anytime.

SKU / UPC Fields

Add different stock keeping or supplier codes to every product ID for easier management of items through your supply chain.