Predictive search feature - Your customers will get near instant results as they begin a search on your site

Stealth Products and Categories - You can now set products and categories to be invisible, making them only accessible by direct url

Product Filters - A new add on, Product Filters will greatly help customers refine products while browsing throughout your site

Bulk Product editing - Now you can edit a selected set of product fields in bulk on the product list page



PINNACLE-4063 - Added a separate bulk generator for image thumbnails

PINNACLE-4072 - Added the ability to bulk import product image alt text

PINNACLE-4091 - Adjusted products to use their categories custom url over the default one

PINNACLE-4457 - Made the Product title search more clearly defined in the admin area

PINNACLE-4458 - Made the Product Review title search more clearly defined in the admin area

PINNACLE-4479 - Added a close icon to Quick Start Guide

PINNACLE-4480 - Improved the duplicate products user interface

PINNACLE-4482 - Updated the Testimonial section in the admin area. You can now sort and filter the testimonials shown

PINNACLE-4489 - Improved messaging on orders searching

PINNACLE-4493 - Applied bootstrap styling to Bulk product loader

PINNACLE-4504 - Updated Future Pay gateway to meet new requirements

PINNACLE-4572 - Improved language in the seo preview tooltip

PINNACLE-4573 - Made the language for Stealth Products easier to understand

PINNACLE-4649 - Add the ability for an admin to define multiple product feature values per product



PINNACLE-3912 - Resolved an issue where catalog images were not properly resizing

PINNACLE-4042 - Resolved an issue where Quantity discounts were not reflected until you reached One Page Checkout

PINNACLE-4050 - Resolved an issue where importing product attributes occasionally caused a disassociation with their variants

PINNACLE-4064 - Resolved UPC not being incuded in Pricegrabber export

PINNACLE-4073 - Resolved an isssue with curly braces occasionally getting added to external product image urls during import

PINNACLE-4117 - Resolved an issue with product widget generation not respecting the image settings

PINNACLE-4186 - Resolved a critical issue where PayPal Payments Pro could refund an entire order instead of a portion

PINNACLE-4286 - Ensured price fields in the admin area only accept numbers and periods

PINNACLE-4372 - Resolved an error that was showing on the Reports Page, introduced during work on the ui during development

PINNACLE-4396 - Resolved attribute alignment issues, introduced during work on the ui during development

PINNACLE-4419 - Resolved a small use case where a deleted user who had been re-added could not be edited in the admin area of the cart

PINNACLE-4445 - Resolved a problem where semicolons would not work with the bulk loaders

PINNACLE-4453 - Resolved an issue where the print icon was not showing on the list orders page

PINNACLE-4467 - Resolved an issue where png file types could get rejected for product images

PINNACLE-4476 - Resolved an issue where some product fields were limited to 20 characters in bulk product loading

PINNACLE-4477 - Resolved an appearance issue with navigation in the Apps section of the admin area

PINNACLE-4478 - Resolved an issue with city not being in the Quick Start Guide

PINNACLE-4486 - Resolved an alignment issue with the save buttons in the Quick Start Guide

PINNACLE-4487 - Removed unused ui elements from Custom Forms list page

PINNACLE-4488 - Revoved lorem ipsum content from Snippets page

PINNACLE-4491 - Resolved an issue where seo friendly urls were not always consistently working as intended

PINNACLE-4492 - Resolved a small ui issue where the required flag was not dropping after file added to bulk upload

PINNACLE-4494 - Resolved an issue with the seconday navigation not working in the Quick Start Guide

PINNACLE-4510 - Resolved data structure issues with product export that occurred depending on the options selected

PINNACLE-4514 - Resolved a problem with product duplication where the primary product image would not get copied

PINNACLE-4515 - Removed attribute name from drop down options on product variants

PINNACLE-4516 - Resolved issues with product export fields jogging right in the csv file

PINNACLE-4518 - Resolved an issue with secondary product images not resizing appropriately

PINNACLE-4519 - Resolved a problem with Quick Start Guide not putting logo in cache

PINNACLE-4520 - Resolved an issue with category url not getting injected into product urls when a default category is created for the customer during bulk product loading

PINNACLE-4548 - Resolved an issue with quantity discounts where the minimum order could be greater than the maximum order

PINNACLE-4549 - Resolved an issue with the success message apearing multiple times when you bulk deleted products

PINNACLE-4568 - Resolved an issue with custom fields not showing on orders in admin area

PINNACLE-4570 - Resolved an issue where setting 'Show sub-categories images on category page' to off would not save

PINNACLE-4574 - Resolved some layout issues on product edit page in admin area introduced during development

PINNACLE-4575 - Resolved appearance and layout issues with password generator in cart installer

PINNACLE-4576 - Resolved an issue where the password strength checker was not consistently refreshing during manual cart installation

PINNACLE-4577 - Resolved an issue where stealth products still showed up in the front end search tool

PINNACLE-4578 - Resolved a javascript that appeared on the edit product page when using a license key with restricted products

PINNACLE-4587 - Resolved an issue with the product image not refreshing in the admin area after you upload a new image

PINNACLE-4643 - Resolved an issue with the Feature Group ID getting overwritten

PINNACLE-4644 - Resolved an issue with Product Filters being enabled without paying for them



PINNACLE-4542 - Updated the onboarding link for Fraud Labs

PINNACLE-4637 - Added partner code