PinnacleCart has a built in integration with reCAPTCHA, Google's CAPTCHA service. You do not need to mess with code to get this to work.

A CAPTCHA is used to confirm that a user on a site is a human and not a bot or computer. You would recognize the most used CAPTCHA as an image of letters that appear heavily distorted. However, with the new reCAPTCHA, a significant number of users can now attest that they are a human without having to solve a CAPTCHA. Instead with just a single click they’ll confirm they are not a robot. Google is calling it the No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA experience. Example below;


While you can insert your own CAPTCHA code into your site, which would require you to insert code, or use reCAPTCHA, the latter is easier.

To begin, you will need to create a reCAPTCHA account. Go to Click Get reCAPTCHA at the top right.

If you don't have any sites registered yet to use the reCAPTCHA API, you will need to register a new site.


Fill out the Label, choose the type of reCAPTCHA, enter your Domains, accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service, then click Register.


Expand Keys in the Adding reCAPTCHA to your site section. You will need both the Site key and Secret key for your admin area.

In your admin area, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Store Settings and expand Captcha Settings. In the reCAPTCHA Public Key field, enter your Site key from reCAPTCHA. In the reCAPTCHA Private Key, enter the Secret key from the step above. Click Save.

This will automatically add CAPTCHAs to the default forms of your site, like the Register page.

Note: CAPTCHAs added by the reCAPTCHA integration will not show up on custom forms. For example, if you made a contact form on the Contact Us page, reCAPTCHA will not show up there. You must code these forms with CAPTCHAs manually.

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