Forms support for text pages. You can now add your own custom form to text pages.

Offsite product widget now has an option to proceed directly to One Page Checkout

Unique class selectors added to many areas of the templates to allow for more rich css development

Added logic to move @import css to the top of the compiled css file so remote fonts like Google fonts can be used

Added new feature “Order Forms”. Allows customers to create one-off order links with pre-defined products.


Pinnacle-1573 - Add in template file for "hot deal" setting on product pages

Pinnacle-1680 - Added protection against CSRF attacks

Pinnacle-2062 - Improving import process for Doba products

Pinnacle-2129 - Changed php mail class to improve mail handling

Pinnacle-2194 - Improved ability for admins to get notifications based on their permissions

Pinnacle-2703 - Added intelligent interlacing and image compression for jpg/jpeg images

Pinnacle-2822 - Improving functionality for customs charges

Pinnacle-2964 - Added Export option for PinnacleCart reports in the admin area

Pinnacle-3136 - Added attributes to product performance report

Pinnacle-3358 - Added ability to change registered customers' username and password in admin area

Pinnacle-3398 - Added ability to bulk change the status of countries in the admin area

Pinnacle-3399 - Added ability to bulk change the publish status of text pages in the admin area

Pinnacle-3630 - Improvements to navigation in admin area for shipping method setup

Pinnacle-3700 - Product promotions improved to allow the free product to be the same product as base product in the promotion

Pinnacle-3786 - Added product description to Doba export

Pinnacle-3830 - Provided clearer description of functionality for custom shipping options and alternative methods

Pinnacle-3927 - Improved error logging for Doba integration

Pinnacle-3953 - Added in info for products on product and catalog pages

Pinnacle-3960 - optimizing some of the queries in the cart to improve cart speeds

Pinnacle-3977 - Added in error messaging for product reviews with too little of content

Pinnacle-4010 - Improved admin area workflow/user experience when managing active apps

Pinnacle-4013 - Added additional indexes in the cart database to improve speeds

Pinnacle-4018 - Added sorting functions to admin area search forms

Pinnacle-4047 - Improved security for email2friend feature

Pinnacle-4069 - Adjusted some 302 redirects to 301 redirects in the cart

Pinnacle-4083 - Added html support to form description and thank you page for custom forms

Pinnacle-4093 - Fixed header alignment on reports in admin area

Pinnacle-4130 - Added some improvements to the base release of the new forms features

PinnIdeas-116 - Added character counters to meta input fields in admin area

PinnIdeas-136 - Added preference for www vs non-www in admin area

Bug Fixes

Pinnacle-1605 - Resolved an issue where quantity discounts could leave discount applied for shipping when quantity was reduced below minimum threshold

Pinnacle-2117 - Ensured shipping methods are sending the proper unit of weight measurement when kg is being used instead of lbs

Pinnacle-2888 - Resolved an issue where math was not being done correctly on global promo codes

Pinnacle-2890 - Added some additional clarity to UPS class and array keys used in class

Pinnacle-3451 - Resolved an issue where the Startup plan listed QuickBooks was available

Pinnacle-3537 - Ensured messaging for 'partial free shipping' was clear and easy to understand

Pinnacle-3667 - Resolved issue with the auto complete setting for recurring billing products.

Pinnacle-3897 - Resolved an issue where admins were not being asked to provide a security question on initial login

Pinnacle-3908 - Ensured default country/state worked as intended for tax settings

Pinnacle-3913 - Ensured bulk importing of product sales price and product base price independently did not cause issues with product data

Pinnacle-3926 - Improved Doba import capability

Pinnacle-3939 - Improved admin area mobile functionality

Pinnacle-3961 - Ensured the product performance report recognizes and properly handles changes to the product id field.

Pinnacle-3964 - Removed Amazon Simple Pay from available payment options

Pinnacle-3979 - Resolved issue with improper/awkward workflow on checkout when using the I4Go payment gateway

Pinnacle-3981 - Resolved an issue where changing the currency did not reflect in the admin area until you re-logged in.

Pinnacle-3982 - Ensured proper handling of Fedex surcharge rates when shipping rate requests happen on weekends

Pinnacle-3988 - Resolved issue where searching for customers by date range did not always properly return results

Pinnacle-3995 - Resolved an issue where notifications of payment for recurring products would not turn off

Pinnacle-3997 - Resolved an issue where email headers were not always properly being built

Pinnacle-3998 - Adjusted promo code setup to handle issue regarding minimum subtotal for whole order vs sole product for promo

Pinnacle-4001 - Resolved an issue where bulk approving testimonials did not always work

Pinnacle-4005 - Resolved an issue where product level shipping showed up on digital products

Pinnacle-4007 - Resolved an issue were tracking numbers were not always exported with orders

Pinnacle-4009 - Resolved a secure issue with the Norton Shopping App page

Pinnacle-4011 - Resolved a minor formatting issue for default currencies in admin area

Pinnacle-4014 - Resolved an issue was resolved where lack of shipping options was not always providing the intended user experience

Pinnacle-4015 - Ensured friendly names for states and countries are in the customer exports

Pinnacle-4027 - Resolved an issue with backup and restore functions after move to PDO

Pinnacle-4032 - Resolved an issue where Endicia was not always returning the correct rates

Pinnacle-4035 - Resolved an issue where CIM orders were having an issue with ISO code requests

Pinnacle-4052 - Resolved an issue where a product was appearing multiple times if it was in multiple categories

Pinnacle-4055 - Resolved an issue where the soap api call for getOrders was returning incorrect dates

Pinnacle-4076 - Resolved an undefined variable issue when browsing customers in admin area

Pinnacle-4077 - Resolved an issue with custom forms where display only non-active would not work

Pinnacle-4079 - Resolved an issue preventing checkout forms from fully transacting

Pinnacle-4081 - Resolved an issue with default sort when browsing customers

Pinnacle-4085 - Resolved an issue where text was bursting out of the text box for submission results on custom forms

Pinnacle-4089 - Resolved an issue where you could not turn off "User can change product quantities" on checkout forms

Pinnacle-4090 - Resolved an issue where you could view inactive order forms

Pinnacle-4092 - Resolved an issue with currency symbols in price schemas

Pinnacle-4094 - Improved admin user experience on order form listing page

Pinnacle-4100 - Resolved a checkout issue with the buy now widget

Pinnacle-4103 - Disabled browser auto-fill when editing an admin profile

Pinnacle-4105 - Resolved an issue where the checkbox type was not getting listed on the custom form listing

Pinnacle-4108 - Resolved an issue where the new order forms were not fully responsive

Pinnacle-4111 - Resolved an issue with sorting orders within the admin area

Pinnacle-4114 - Resolved an issue with browsing customers causing a syntax error

Pinnacle-4115 - Resolved an issue where browsing recurring profiles could cause an error

Pinnacle-4116 - Resolved an issue where email2friend would bypass the recaptcha on microsoft edge

Pinnacle-4126 - Resolved an issue where the Webgility app would not appear in the admin area

Pinnacle-4127 - Resolved an issue where the installer was failing due to not finding a class

Pinnacle-4129 - Resolved an issue with CanadaPost loading in back end after class change

Pinnacle-4173 - Resolved an issue with security question overlay in trials

Miscellaneous Fixes

Pinnacle-3589 - Unused code/file cleanup for admin area

Pinnacle-3826 - Send current admin account details into ZenDesk when admin is creating ticket via the admin area

Pinnacle-3946 - Add ability to close live chat on trials

Pinnacle-4008 - Removed calls and libraries for unused soap libraries