Paypal Braintree Payment gateway

Duplicate Products

Updated reCaptcha


Pinnacle-3454 - Updated the way form nonce is handled for security

Pinnacle-4066 - Added the ability to delete a review from the admin area

Pinnacle-3972 - Updated product image mobile handler

Pinnacle-4044 - Added unique keys to admin logs

Pinnacle-4082 - Improved mailer for cart emails

Pinnacle-2967 - Add extra data to order export

Pinnacle-1525 - Added the ability to set a country to not need states/provinces or zip codes/postal codes

Pinnacle-4147 - Added autogenerated ids for several fields throughout the cart, like product id

Pinnacle-4192 - Added stage one of improving the business side functionality of PinnacleCart - Sales graphs on admin home page

Bug Fixes

Pinnacle-4057 - Resolved an issue with some U.S. based methods coming up in international calculations

Pinnacle-4292 - Resolved an issue with Braintree on boarding urls

Pinnacle-1465 - Resolved an issue with countries like Aruba requiring zip codes in the cart

Pinnacle-3825 - Resolved an issue with product price calculations occassionally differing from product page to cart

Pinnacle-4249 - Added SHIPFROMZIP to the api calls for PayPal Payflow Pro

Pinnacle-4196 - Resolved and issue where more customers could get deleted than intended

Pinnacle-4276 - Resolved minor appearance issues during shipping set up

Pinnacle-4246 - Resolved minor updater issue

Pinnacle-4178 - Resolved an issue where the security pop up for admins would not always go away.

Pinnacle-4164 - Resolved an issue with Doba Watchlist import

Pinnacle-4038 - Resolved an issue with enabling Webgility

Pinnacle-4036 - Resolved a few issues with TinyMCE not always escaping html

Pinnacle-4017 - Resolved an issue with percentage based shipping fees

Pinnacle-3888 - Resolved an issue with secondary images not always coming in for Doba products

Pinnacle-3879 - Resolved a data issue fulfilled orders on export

Pinnacle-3943 - Tweaked the TinyMCE editor to allow for more responsive images

Pinnacle-4239 - Resolved an issue where a product could be allowed to have no primary images, but still have secondary images

Pinnacle-3951 - Resolved an xml api issue with Endicia to allow for ampersands to get parsed

Pinnacle-4182 - Resolved an issue where digital orders did not always appear in the cart api

Pinnacle-2455 - Updated canonical tags for pagination html

Pinnacle-2428 - Resolved minor issue in Google Product Feed for products with out unique identifiers

Pinnacle-4240 - Resolved a specific condition with USPS shipping that could cause a whole shipping order to fail

Miscellaneous Fixes

Pinnacle-4247 - Removed SnapEngage from admin area

Pinnacle-4230 - Removed $_SESSION dependency from admin area

Pinnacle-4193 - Fixed recurring profiles bulk text

Pinnacle-4161 - Removed unused Admin_MenuHistory.php

Pinnacle-4160 - Fixed admin area secondary menu items width

Pinnacle-4149 - Added proper translation for nonce not found text

Pinnacle-4148 - Remove unused keys from admin_zones.php

Pinnacle-4226 - Powered by PinnacleCart eCommerce Shopping Cart" footer link change anchor text to brand name.

Pinnacle-4291 - Changed stripe default settings

Pinnacle-4175 - Refactored forms code in admin area - Part 1

Pinnacle-4176 - Refactored forms code in admin area - Part 2

Pinnacle-4152 - Refactored admin_security_error.php

Pinnacle-4150 - Refactored admin_update.php to MVC / router

Pinnacle-4179 - Refactored reports to use classes / be exportable / json

Pinnacle-4145 - Refactored admin_file_validate.php

Pinnacle-4170 - Refactored admin_init_smarty.php

Pinnacle-3948 - Refactored Endicia

Pinnacle-4227 - Refactored Admin_Controller_Endicia in Endicia.php - remove $_POST references

Pinnacle-4169 - Refactored admin_recurring_profiles.php

Pinnacle-4168 - Refactored admin_vparcel files

Pinnacle-4162 - Refactored engine_images.php

Pinnacle-3586 - Refactored admin_shipping_label_usps.php

Pinnacle-3578 - Refactored admin_paypalipn_genscr.php

Pinnacle-3576 - Refactored admin_stamps.php & admin_order_stampscom_ajax.php

Pinnacle-3574 - Refactored admin_order_paypal.php

Pinnacle-3573 - Refactored admin_order_endicia_showlabels.php

Pinnacle-3567 - Refactored admin_endicia_viewlabel.php

Pinnacle-3566 - Refactored admin_endicia_validateaccountinfo.php

Pinnacle-3565 - Refactored admin_endicia_generatepostalelabel.php

Pinnacle-3564 - Refactored admin_endicia_addfundstoaccount.php

Pinnacle-3563 - Refactored admin_doba_json.php