Older versions of PinnacleCart (3.8.2 R3 and below) could work with PHP 5.2. Zend Optimizer was one of the encoding options available to these versions. However, Zend Optimizer does not work in PHP 5.3 and above. Since PinnacleCart verison 3.8.3 R1 and above can only work with at least PHP 5.3, we are no longer profiding Zend Optimizer encoded packages. All packages are now encoded with Ioncube and must be read by Ioncube Loaders.

Applies to Version(s): All

Complexity Level: Advanced

Estimated Time for Completion: 20-25 minutes

In this article you will learn

Download Ioncube Package

Install IonCube Loaders

Upload the Ioncube Package

Checking For More Zend Files

Note: This article only pertains to Licensed customers not hosted with us. If you host with us, you are already using Ioncube.

If you've upgraded to PHP 5.3 or above and you were running Zend files using Zend Optimizer, chances are you have an error like the following:

Zend Guard Run-time support missing!

One more more files on this web site were encoded by ZendGuard and the required run-time support is not installed orproperly configured.
For the Web site user

This means that this Web server is not configured correctly to runthe files that it contains. Please contact the Web site'sadministrator/webmaster and inform them of this problem and give themthe URL you are trying to display to help them in diagnosing theproblem.
For The Site Administrator/Web Master

One or more files on your site were encoded with Zend Guard. Thismay be third party libraries that were provided to you by an ISV. Toallow these files to properly run you need to download and installone of the Zend guard run-time libraries. This is either ZendOptimizer or Zend Loader. The proper files can be downloaded fromhttp://www.zend.com/guard/downloads.This software is provided free of charge.

General Disclaimer: Zend Technologies is not responsible tothe configuration and setup of web sites using Zend Guard technology.Please contact your software vendor if these components were providedby an ISV or consult your Zend Guard Users Guide if these files wereencoded by your organization.

Download Ioncube Package.

The first thing you will want to do is download the Ioncube package of the same version of PinnacleCart that you're currently running.

1. Login to https://account.pinnaclecart.com

2. Scroll down and click on your domain in the Licenses area.

3. Scroll down to the list of package downloads and click Download next the theĀ  Ioncube package that matches your current cart version.

Note: These packages are the last R release of that version. So make sure you've upgraded to the latest R release. For example, if you're on 3.7.14 R1, make sure to upgrade all the way up to 3.7.14 R6.

Install IonCube Loaders.

Next, you will need to be sure Ioncube Loaders are installed on your server.

If you're not a Server Administrator, you will want to contact your host about installing Ioncube loaders. If you are a Server Admin, there area plenty of articles on the web which explain how to install them for different PHP versions and Operating Systems.

Upload the Ioncube Package.

1. Unzip the Ioncube package locally on your computer.

2. Remove the following files and folders from the package:




Keep the remaining files.

3. Using FTP, upload and replace your existing files on the website, with the files remaining in your package.

Checking For More Zend Files.

In theory, the step above should have overwritten all Zend files with Ioncube files and now your site should load and you should be good to go. But, if you still receive the error, there's still a way to fix it.

1. Connect to the site using SSH.

2. Navigate to the web-facing directory for your store.

3. Run the following command:

grep -R Zend * | grep -v cache

This should list out any remaining files that contain the word Zend. Once those files have been located, you can remove them.

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If you didn't get your question answered, please contact the Pinnacle Cart Support Team. To submit a ticket, go to the My Account drop-down menu at the top right of the admin area and select Support