When you have issues such as new images and changes to your site not showing up, it's most likely happening due Caching. This article will walk you through how to clean this up.

Applies to Version(s): All Versions of PinnacleCart

Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies:

Note: Your browser's cache stores information to help pages load faster. Cookies are small files stored on your computer that save specific information (like passwords and site-specific preferences).

This link provides some of the best guidance on how do clear cache.

Clear your cookies to fix

  • Sign-in problems (not being able to sign-in, not being able to stay signed-in)
  • Error messages about setting user cookies

Clear your cache to fix

  • Pages that freeze or don't finish loading
  • Outdated pages with old content
  • Online applications (like games) that don't respond

In Google Chrome:

1. At the upper right hand corner, Click the three vertical dot lines and click Settings.

2. Scroll down and click Show Advance Settings.

3. At Privacy, click Clear Browsing Data button and it'll pop-up new window and check Cookies and Cached or any of the data that you desire to remove and click Clear Browsing Data.

In Firefox:

1. At the upper right hand corner of the browser click the hamburger icon or the three horizontal lines.
2. Click History.
3. Click Clear Recent History.
4. At the new pop-up window you can choose at the Drop-Down for the time range.  At the same window you can check Cache and Cookies or any other data that you desire to remove.
5. Click Clear Now.


Tip: If web pages aren’t displaying correctly, you can try using your browser’s incognito (Chrome) or “private browsing” mode to see if the problem is caused by something other than cache or cookies.

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