Note: In May of 2015, USPS made some changes to their API which required certain information to be sent over. The issue caused USPS shipping from the US to Canada to fail. This required us to release a patch which contains these changes.

Below, you will find multiple patches for different versions of Pinnacle Cart. You will need to download the file, unzip it, then upload to the root of your cart.

3.8.1 R2 through 3.8.2 R2: download

3.8.1 R1: download

3.8.0 R3: download

3.8.0 R1 through 3.8.0 R2: download

3.7.15 R1 through 3.7.15 R2: download

3.7.14 R5 through 3.7.14 R6: download

3.7.14 R4: download

3.7.14 R3: download

3.7.14 R1 through 3.7.14 R2: download

3.7.13 R1 through 3.7.13 R5: download

3.7.12 R1 through 3.7.12 R3: download

3.7.11 R1 through 3.7.11 R4: download

3.7.10 R3: download