Have you accidentally deleted HTML in Cart Designer, or added some content which messed everything up? Are you in a panic? Don't be! There is an easy solution for mistakes made in Cart Designer.

There are generally two issues that come up when your site design is suddenly messed up after using the Cart Designer. Either a section of the site had all of the HTML removed, or just a couple lines were removed or something was added. These two things are handled a little differently from each other. We'll look at the latter first;

Deleted a Couple Lines of Code or Added Code That Breaks Your Layout.

This one is very easy to get out of. Let's say you accidentally remove the line of code that shows the Home Page Image.

Gif of deleting the home page image

Oops! There goes the home page image. No worries. Just right-click in the area where the home.html resides (in this case, just below the products) and click Edit Source. Now, just click Restore. Badda-Bing, that's it!

Gif of restoring the home page image

The same fix can be applied if you accidentally add some HTML or JavaScript that breaks your site. Just right-click > Edit Source > Restore.

Deleted an Entire Section of HTML

This one is a tad more difficult, if only because it requires a few extra steps.

When you delete an entire section of HTML, like home.html or header.html, you will no longer be able to right-click on it. This is because each section of HTML contains code that allows it to be editable.

Gif of deleting home.html

So, instead you will need to remove the edited HTML file. Every change you make in Cart Designer doesn't actually change the original file. Instead it copies the file into content/skins/_custom/skin/. So in the example above, my skin's home.html file was never deleted. Instead a file named home.html, which is empty, is placed into content/skins/_custom/skin/templates/pages/site.

Note: Files in _custom will take precedence over the same files in the skin or engine directories.

All we need to do is remove the copied file from _custom and regenerate the cache folder.

Gif of restoring home.html

Regenerating the cache only requires you to Activate Cart Designer again. That's it! The home page is back to normal.

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