There is a known issue with the Game Depot theme, where if you have Gift Certificates enabled, the link will not appear on the front of the site.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 R1 - 3.8.2 R2

To fix this issue, you will need to access the file navigation.html located in [cart root] / content / skins / GameDepot / templates / layouts / zones /.

This can be done in the File Manager or Cart Designer by right-clicking the navigation menu and choosing Edit Source Code. Once you've access the file, you will need to paste in the following code:

<div id="navigation" class="layout-zone-navigation layout-zone col-wrap clearfix {class file=$smarty.template editable=true}">

        {capture name="pagelinks"}

                <li><a href="{if $CatalogHomeLink!=""}{$CatalogHomeLink}{else}{$url_rel}{/if}">{$msg.common.home_page}</a></li>

                {if $testimonials_Enabled == "Yes"}

                <li><a href="{$url_http}p=testimonials">{$msg.testimonials.testimonials}</a></li>


                {if $kb_Enabled == "Yes"}

                <li><a href="{$url_http}p=kb">{$msg.kb.kb}</a></li>


                {if $AffiliateActive == "YES"}

                <li><a href="{$AffiliateAreaURL}">{$AffiliateLinkText|htmlspecialchars}</a></li>


                {if $currencies_count > 1 || $languages_count > 1}

                <li><a href="{$url_http}p=international">International</a></li>


                {foreach from=$pages_links item="page_item"}

                        {if $}

                        <li><a href="{$page_item.url}">{$page_item.title|htmlspecialchars}</a></li>



                <li><a href="{$GlobalHttpUrl}/index.php?p=gift_certificate">Gift Certificates</a></li>


        {if $smarty.capture.pagelinks}

                <ul class="menu">







Click Save.

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