The thumbnail generator will scan through your images folder and create thumbnails based on your specifications. This tool should be used after uploading images via FTP, after changing the default sizes of your images, and just in case you ever see images not loading correctly.

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.0

How to Generate Thumbnails in Your Cart

Note: You can use FTP to upload your product images to the server.  When you do, make sure that your image names match your product IDs. For example, if your product ID is assorted_cookies, then your image name would need to be either assorted_cookies.jpg, assorted_cookies.png, or assorted_cookies.gif. The images would be uploaded into /images/products.

Step 1

  1. In the admin area, select Products & Categories from the left side menu.
  2. Select Thumbnails Generator.
  3. Under What images would you like to generate?, select the option which applies. Typically, choosing Generate product page, thumbnail, and secondary images along with Regenerate all images will suffice.
  4. Click Scan Images.

thumbnail generator

Step 2

  1. You will see a list of how many images will be generated. Go ahead and click Generate. The generator will load while it's running through your images. Do not close the window or navigate away while this is running.
  2. Click Cleanup Unused Images to delete images that are no longer attached to products or categories from the server.
  3. Choose Synchronize Secondary Images to attached secondary images uploaded via FTP to their products.

Note: You can also use FTP to upload your secondary images to the server. The images would be uploaded into /images/products/secondary. These images would need a hyphen and a number appended to the product ID to be recognized by the thumbnail generator. So if we use the example assorted_cookies again, the secondary images would need to be named: assorted_cookies-1.jpg, assorted_cookies-2.jpg, and assorted_cookies-3.png.

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