Local Delivery (formerly Pikfly) is an app developed and owned locally in Phoenix. The app allows same-day delivery to businesses and consumers all over the world.  

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.x  Series

Complexity Level: Easy

Estimated Time for Completion: 5 minutes 

How to Enable Same Day Delivery to Local Customers

Note:  Enable the app for same-day delivery for your customers and set what sort of delivery option or method you want. 

Step 1

Go to Apps > App Center, find Local Delivery app. Click the logo to open the app.

localdelivery app

Step 2

Click the Enable button to activate the app. You will be re-directed to shipping details, you may offer additional shipping options.


Step 3

Click the Local Delivery logo.


Step 4

You will then be re-directed to the Local Delivery dashboard. Click the Address Settings button.

pikfly settings

Step 5

In the Local Delivery Settings, you can edit the Shipping Origin Address, Local Timezone, and whether to show alternative shipping options besides local delivery or not. Once done. Click the Save button. 


Note: If you don't want to edit anything and want to go back to the Local Delivery dashboard, just click the Cancel on the top right corner of the screen. 

Step 6

Now, click the Add Delivery Area button at the top right or middle of the screen.

add delivery area

Local area zip codes will be displayed, based on the original location you entered. Click any section on the map and a zip code will appear on the Zip codes field where the orders will be shipped. Once done, click Save

same day delivery area

Note: Delivery Method can be altered. Order by time has the option of additional delivery for price increases based on zip codes. 

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