Having a logo helps your business stand apart and gives you an identity. It's a visual representation of everything your company stands for. Creating an original Logo is becoming tougher and tougher nowadays as there are so many already out there, but it's very workable. This article will discuss certain programs that will help you design that perfect Logo to fit your business needs and give you some basic guidelines to follow. 

Note: If you already have a designer they will be able to easily help you out with this.

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.0 or Current 

Complexity Level: Average

Estimated Time for Completion: 10 minutes

In this article, you will learn:

Free Logo Generator Websites

Basic Guidelines for Design

Where to Upload Your Logo

Free Logo Generator Websites

There are plenty of tools out there to help you design your Logo, there are also some good articles to give you an idea of what you should keep in mind when creating your Logo. 

These are some of the best free websites to create a logo: 






Online Logo Maker

Logo Garden 

Logo Crisp

Basic Guidelines for Design

So getting down a basic idea of what you're looking for is a must when designing your Logo. Create some rough sketches or play around in a Paint Program and toy with different ideas.

Preliminary Work 

Getting a rough idea of what you want, as mentioned above creating sketches or rough drafts will help you in finalizing the direction you want to go. Take into account what your business is about and what you're trying to do with your business. 

Creating a Balance 

Your design shouldn't be all over the place, finding something that stands out but carries a balance on both sides and not one area is just focused on. 


You don't want your Logo too large so it takes away from the rest of the website but at the same time, you don't want it too small where the graphics are squished together and there is a log going on. A Logo is what identifies your company so it should work just about anywhere, letterheads, website, posters, magnets, etc. 

Use of Color

This can be eye-catching or just easy on the eyes, play with different colors, these will also help create an identity. Think of your favorite sports team and how they have a few key colors for that team, this goes along the same guidelines when designing your business Logo. Also using warm, welcoming colors that give the customers a feeling of comfort when visiting your site. 


  • Use colors near to each other on the color wheel, for example, warm colors should offset other warm colors.
  • Make sure the Logo can still work as a black and white logo or grayscale.
  • If you go outside the box, make sure it's for good reason.

Design Style

You don't want to design a logo that looks like you're selling ceiling tiles when in reality you're selling shoes, you want something that fits your business and says, "This is us".  You want to make sure it reaches out and draws people in.  Also, play around with 3D designs as the 2D flat-looking logos are still there but not being explored as much as 3D designs now. 

Tip: Make your Logo recognizable. If you look at major brands their Logos are simple, straightforward forward and recognizable anywhere in the world. You're trying to build brand recognition and something that can be spotted and recognized easily. 


Selecting a font that isn't too wild or too boring can always be an issue, this is one thing I tend to struggle with the most because if you get too set on a font you will find yourself backtracking and trying to reinvent the wheel. Start with basic fonts and see if that works, if not then try something a bit more extreme until you feel you found the one that works for you. 


  • Avoid commonly used fonts, for example, Comic Sans
  • Making sure the customers can understand what your Logo is saying is important, so making your Logo legible is key.
  • Avoid using multiple fonts

Standing Out

To make your Logo different from all the others, try to be different, don't go with the "Big Thing" that is now or was, try to explore the boundaries of being different than any other company. The key component I believe is having fun when designing your Logo. 


 If your design is simple and straight forward, the more recognizable it can be. If you look at some of the biggest brands in the world, you will see just how simple and stupid their design is, but at the same time how recognizable and simple it is. This is what can help you stand apart from the rest.


Don't get too crazy with filters and effects when designing your Logo. With all the programs above, they all have amazing tools to do just that, but too much going on in your Logo can be bad. Remember that simplicity is key. 

One of the main keys is combining all the things that have already been discussed so far, and overlooking any of these key components can impair your final decision on what design you go with. 

When creating your Logo, take a step back and view your Logo at all angels and viewpoints and see if this is still something that catches the eye. When dealing with eCommerce this isn't always the case but at the same time, this is your business and the logo won't just be on the website but elsewhere as well. 

Put Together a Design Factory

 This doesn't mean go out and clean out your garage and turn it into a separate business just to create your Logo, but to just follow some of these basic foundations for design:

  • Research
  • Brainstorming ideas and thoughts
  • Create sketches and doodles (some of the best ideas will come to you when you're in the car or at a coffee shop, so carry a pen/pencil with you)
  • Develop
  • Review
  • Discuss

Use other Design Logos for inspiration only. When designing your logo, don't take a famous logo and turn it into yours, make sure you're not doing this as there is a law against this, such as copyright infringement. Use other companies as a jump-off point and see how they incorporate their Logo with their business. 

When creating your Logo, take a step back and view your Logo at all angels and viewpoints and see if this is still something that catches the eye. When dealing with eCommerce this isn't always the case but at the same time, this is your business and the logo won't just be on the website but elsewhere as well. 

You can upload your logo in your Cart Designer. 

        1. In your control panel, go to Front-End > Manage themes >> Click Edit Theme.

edit theme

        2. Click Site Top Settings. Under the Site logo image, click the square icon to unassign your old image. Then, click the image button to choose an image from your local drive and then upload it. 

logo settings

        3. Find the image that you uploaded in the File Manager and click on that image. Then click "Use".

upload new logo image

        4. Go back to the main menu, go to Revisions. Click Re-publish.

re-publish new logoClick Exit Designer and select "View Storefront" to see your new logo. 

Note: If you're using a customer created Theme you will want to look in content/cache/skins/(Your Theme Name)/images/image-logo.png (logo.png was the name of the Logo I uploaded).

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