You can enable the Gift Certificate module so that your customers can purchase Gift Certificates as gifts or use them to purchase products. Since the 3.8 series, a feature was added allowing you to generate Gift Certificates from the admin area. 

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.x  Series

Complexity Level: Easy 

Estimated Time for Completion: 7 minutes

In this article, you will learn:

How to Enable the Gift Certificate Module

How to Add Gift Certificates

How Customers Can Purchase Gift Certificates

How Customers Use Gift Certificates

How to Enable the Gift Certificate Module

  1. From your control panel, go to Settings > Payment & Taxes > Gift Certificates.
  2. Click Enable Gift Certificates. This will enable the ability for users to purchase and use gift certificates on your website.


Adding Gift Certificates

To add a gift certificate, click the Add Gift Certificate button and fill out the following fields:


  • First Name – First name for the customer receiving the certificate.
  • Last Name  – Last name for the customer receiving the certificate.
  • Email – Email address of the customer receiving the certificate
  • Amount – Specify a numerical value.
  • Voucher Number – Auto-generated for you by default, but you can change it if you like
  • Notify Customer – choose whether or not to send an email to the person receiving the certificate
  • Message – a Custom message that gets sent out if you choose to send a notification out to the customer of the certificate.

Then hit Save to apply the changes you've made. 

How Customers Purchase Gift Certificates

After you enable Gift Certificates in the back-end, a new category named Gift Certificates will appear on the front-end of your site. It appears in the category section, but it doesn't function like a category.


A customer will click on this Gift Certificates category > Fill out the form and checkout to purchase the Gift Certificate. They can choose to email it to someone as a gift.


How Customers Use Gift Certificates

After the Gift Certificate is purchased, and you mark the order Completed, the recipient will receive an email containing a Voucher Code. This is the code they need to use for the Gift Certificate on your site.

After they add their items and proceed through checkout to the final checkout page, they will be presented with an option to pay with the Gift Certificate. They will need to enter the First and Last Name exactly how the purchaser of the Gift Certificate entered it, along with the Voucher Code they received.


Note: If they don't use the full amount of the Gift Cert, they will have a balance left over. If they still have a balance for the order, they will be able to complete the purchase with another payment method.

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