Google has rolled out an improvement that is useful for sites that are secured (HTTPS) as they will have a higher chance to be found in Google Search. Also, Chrome has started adding warning notices in their program for sites that are not 100% secure. 

Below are the options and scenarios to have SSL or secure site. 

  • If you have your own domain and you want to purchase your own SSL, we can assist you with the installation.
  • If you use our shared SSL and you do not have your own domain name for your store, you may enable Force SSL redirection in your cart. 
  • If you have your own domain name and a dedicated SSL, your store will be secured once you enable Force SSL redirection in your cart. 

Applies to version(s): 3.9.0 or Current 

Complexity Level: Easy

Estimated time for Completion: 2 minutes 

How to Enable Site-Wide HTTPS 

  1. Go to your control panel >> click Settings>>Store Settings>>Security Settings tab. 
  2. Scroll down and enable "Force SSL Redirection".

force SSL redirection

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