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Applies to version(s): 3.9.0 or Current 


Offering promotional codes is a great way to attract new and existing customers. It can be a discount with a minimum purchase required or free shipping on particular orders. 

We know that it's an essential part of your marketing strategy which is why we included it in our feature set to make things easier for you.

How to Enable Promo Code

  1. You need to enable the promo code first. In case you haven't, you can go to Marketing >> Promo discount. On the top right, click "Enable Promo Code" and save.


Creating a Promo Code


  1. Select Promo Code Type
    • Global – The code will discount the subtotal of orders. This would be used for something like ‘Spend $100 and get 10% off your order’.
    • Product-based – This code will only discount products on the order. This would be used for something like ‘Spend 200 dollars, and get 15.00 off each product the code is applicable for.’.
    • Shipping – This code will only discount shipping. This would be used for something like ‘Spend $150 and get free shipping’. 
  2. Create a title - The title will show up after the actual promo code is entered on the website and will also display in reporting.
  3. Create a promo code - The promo code is the code entered to receive the discount. The cart will automatically generate one for you when adding. However, you can delete this row and enter your own.
  4. Discount and Discount Type - These two are directly related. The Discount is the number value and the Discount Type is the percentage or currency.
  5. Minimum Order Subtotal- This is the amount that must be reached for the promo code to be valid. In the example of ‘Spend $100 and get free shipping, this would be set as 100. 

Setting the Promo Code Duration 


  1. Select a start date and time when your customers can use the promo code. 
  2. Choose an end date on when the promo code will expire. 
  3. Once you have filled out everything, click Save

Assigning Products and Categories


  1. Choose the products that you want to assign for the promo code. 
  2. Click the Add button. 
  3. Choose the categories that you want to assign for the promo code.
  4. Click Save when done. 


To assign all of the products within a specific category, select it from the Assign Categories section. Shift + click to select multiple categories in a row, or Ctrl + Click (Command + Click on Mac) to select multiple categories not next to each other. 

If you want to remove products out of a promo code, simply click the Remove button.