Applies to Version(s): 3.9.0 - Current

Complexity Level: Easy

Estimated Time for Completion: 7 minutes 

In this article you will learn

Signing up for your Amazon Seller Central account

How to export your products from the cart for Amazon Seller

How to add your products to amazon seller

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Creating your Amazon Sellers Account

First you will need to create a account with Amazon Seller.

After you’re register you will then want to add your products by clicking on the inventory link on there portal site.: Once here you have an option to either upload a single product or a CSV.You can get this file when you activate your Amazon Seller app within the admin of the cart as per the directions below.

Activating the Amazon App and Exporting Products

  1. To do this, login to your control panel and go to Apps. 
  2. Click App Center then locate Amazon Seller. 
  3. Click on Enable in the upper right corner.
  4. Then select the values you wish in the drop-downs


        5. Click on export and save the file for upload. You can upload as CSV.

Importing products into Amazon

After you create and upload your products you can monitor the status of your products.

This will inform you whether or not the upload failed or was successful (if you chose CSV the first time which is what most customers will use, you may want to create an XML for the products, the XML you can refer to Google Merchant to get this).

Currently there is not an automatic feed available.

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