Your store automatically sends messages or email notifications to you and to your customer while you are focusing on maintaining your business. To access these email notifications, go to Settings > Notification Settings > Notification Emails. Please refer below on how to edit its content, add or remove text, and other necessary information.

notification emails

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.0 or Current 

Complexity Level: Easy

Estimated time for Completion: 7 minutes

Below are the email templates that you can modify according to your preference.

For Administrators 

  • New user registered - Administrator will receive an email confirmation from the website if there is a newly registered customer.
  • New Order - The administrator will receive email notification about new order request with the information of the client. 
  • Password Reset - Administrator can click “Forgot password” link on the website if they forgot their password so that they will receive a temporary password using their email address.
  • Inactive Account - This feature works as a reminder for the administrator to remove the inactive admin account that it is not in use for over 90 days.
  • Password Change Reminder - An email will be sent to the administrator as a reminder to change their login password for security purposes.
  • Password Change Expired - The administrator will receive an email notification from the website if there is any password that over 90 days so that they can remind the user to change it.
  • Custom Form - Administrator can modify or manage the notification form that the client will receive.
  • Orders Received - This will allow the administrator to modify or edit how the order notification looks like when customers will order from your website.

For Customers

  • New user registered - Newly registered customer will receive a confirmation email from the website.
  • New Order - The customer will receive a confirmation email after they submitted a new order.
  • Order Shipped - The customer will receive a delivery notification email from the website when the administrator will stamp the request as completed along with the information about the order.
  • Order Completed - Once the administrator tags the order as completed, the client will receive an email from the website that the order is completed.
  • Password Reset - If the client forgot the password of her/his account they can click the “Forgot password” link so that they will receive a temporary password from the website using their email address.
  • Gift Certificate - If the client purchase a gift certificate from your website and they will use an email address as their delivery method, the email address will receive the information about the gift certificate when the administrator tags the order as complete.

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