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How to create an Inline Sign-Up Form

Activating and Installing an Inline Sign-Up Form

How to create an Inline Sign-Up Form

Note: Create a Sign-Up form for your PinnacleCart website or blog to collect contacts in the place they visit you most.

In order to collect contacts from your PinnacleCart website or blog, you need to create a sign-up form. Sign-Up forms can be embedded directly into your PinnacleCart website or shared on your social media pages. Take a look at the steps below to create your form.

  1. Click Sign-Up Forms.


  2. Click the plus sign.


  3. Select Inline.


  4. Use the options on the left to customize your form:
    • Title - Click Title to change the title of your form. For example: Sign up to get a Discount!


    • Description - Click Description to add text to your form. Tell your contacts what they'll receive when they sign-up or how often they'll be contacted.


    • Contact Fields - Click Contact Fields to choose which fields you want your contacts to fill out when they sign up. Click each check-box and choose if you want the field to be required or not.


    • Email Lists - Click Email Lists to choose which lists you want the contacts to be added to when they sign up. You can select more than one.


    • Button - Click Button to change the text and color of the button.


    • Background - Click Background to change the background color of the form.


  5. Click Save.


When you're done customizing your form, it's time to activate it and install it on your website.

Activate and install your inline web sign-up form on Pinnacle Cart

After creating your sign-up form, you need to activate it and add the Inline Placement Code and Universal Code to your website.

  • Inline Placement Code - This piece of code is used to determine where on your website your new sign-up form will appear. For example on the home page, in the footer section etc.
  • Universal Code - The Universal Code is for customization and configuration of your sign up form. It's what connects the sign-up form to your Constant Contact account and allows you to collect new email addresses. The code only needs to be pasted on your website once. After that, any changes you need to make your forms can be done in Constant Contact and will automatically reflect on your website.

Activate your Sign-Up Form

There are two ways to activate your sign-up form:

  • While Editing Your Form - Click Publish in the upper right corner to activate it.


  • Previously Saved Forms - Click the drop down menu on the sign-up form and select Activate.


Install Your Sign-Up Form

Note: For the best display of your form, make sure the location it's placed on your website is larger than 312 pixels wide.

Once you install the code on your website, you'll never have to edit it again. You can make any and all changes to your form right within your Constant Contact account.

General Installation

From the Sign-Up Forms page on Constant Contact:

  1. Click "Universal Code".
  2. Copy the code and paste it into the footer of your site. You only need to paste this code once. So in your cart admin go to Front-End > Snippets to configure and paste the code.
  3. Go back to the Sign-Up Forms page on Constant Contact and click More > Inline Code.
  4. Go back to your cart admin and launch the Cart Designer then right click on desired area and select Edit Source Code and paste the Inline Code where you want the form to appear on your website. Once done it should more or less look like the below.


If you ever want to move your form to a different location on your site, copy the Inline code and move it to where you want the form to exist.

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