A virtual merchant is a website that sells goods and services to the public via online transactions with debit and credit card processing. The end result is a fully online experience where consumers can virtually visit a store to browse goods, purchase them fully online and receive them in the mail several days later, all from the comfort of your personal computer.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 R1 - Current

Setting Up Virtual Merchant in PinnacleCart

Once you've completed the signup with Virtual Merchant and have obtained the Merchant ID, User ID and PIN, you are ready to setup this gateway within your PinnacleCart admin area.

Follow these steps:

1. Click Settings > Payment Methods.


2. Click the Add Payment Method button at the top right.

3. In the Add Payment pop-up, select the Virtual Merchant method you're setting up from the Payment drop-down.

4. Fill in your Merchant ID, User ID and PIN


5. Now, click Edit to the right of Virtual Merchant. Expand Advanced Settings. Set the following:

  • Test Mode - Enable/Disable
  • Site Form - If you want to show payment form on your site
  • AVS - Enable/Disable Address Verification System


6. Expand Presentation Settings. Set the following:

  • Payment Method Title - This is set to 'Credit Card Payment' by default. This is what your customers will see when making a payment.
  • Priority - If more than one Payment Gateway is set up in your cart, priority determines how they are sorted.
  • Checkout Page Instructions - This is what your customers will see after checking out the orders.
  • Thank You Page Instructions - This is what your customers will see when the order is completed. 


7. Expand Other Settings.

  • Input the URL to Gateway provided by your Virtual Merchant.




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