Versions: 3.8+

Customer Experience is of utmost importance, as important as making a sale.

When updating products or making changes to the look of your Cart, you don't want your customers to see non-scaled images, text items not properly aligned, or anything that you want to put into your site, but is not final.

That is why, PinnacleCart has simplified the option for you to enable maintenance mode. You can simply turn on a button to disable/enable your storefront.

Here, you will learn how to turn off(disable)/turn on(enable) your Storefront.

To do this, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Login and click on Settings


2. Click on Advanced Settings


3. Click on Store Settings


4. Now, you will see the option "Storefront Available"


5. Click the button to disable "Storefront Available", this closes down your Cart's front-end.

Note: You can also change the text that shows up in the homepage when your Cart's storefront is disabled.


6. Click on Save


7. Now you can view how it looks like by clicking on View Storefront


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