At PinnacleCart, we allow our clients to choose whether to set up their email address within their hosting package with us or have their email set up with a 3rd party provider such as Google Apps or Google for Business. 

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MX Records

  • To have your email hosted by a 3rd party email provider, you are required to update the MX records in your Cpanel with us, this is if you choose to host your DNS with PinnacleCart.
  • To get to your store's MX records, you can log in to your Cpanel and then go Edit DNS Zone, you can also contact PinnacleCart Support if you are unable to do this yourself.
  • MX records are used to route your domain's email traffic. To know the correct MX Records, you can reach out to your email host who can provide you the necessary records.

PinnacleCart Email

  • PinnacleCart does not support email forwarding. However, if our clients choose to host their DNS with us, we can install any of our clients' MX Records onto our DNS.
  • PinnacleCart strongly recommends using a hosted email solution (3rd Party like G Suite/Google Apps or Google for Business).
  • These solutions include advanced features like email filtering and spam protection.
  • To use a hosted email solution, you will need to point your MX records from PinnacleCart to the email host.


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