With our new feature, the Filtered Menu, customers can now easily filter products in categories by very specific filters that you set. Here's how to set it all up.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.5 R1 - Current

Complexity Level: Medium

Estimated Time for Completion: 20 minutes

In this article, you will learn:

Enabling Filtered Menu

Creating a Feature Group

Adding Filters to Categories and Products

Enabling Filtered Menu

        1. Click Apps on the left-hand side of your Admin area. Find and click the Filtered Menu app.

filtered menu app

        2. Click the Enable button.

enable filtered menu app

        3. Scroll through your active apps and click on Filtered Menu again. Select Setup Filtered Menus.

set up filtered menus

Creating a Feature Group

A Feature Group is a group of features you can filter by. For example, if you sell clothes, shoes, and sporting equipment, you would want to create a Feature Group for each of those, i.e. Clothes, Shoes, and Sporting Equipment. Later you would add actual Product Features, such as Size, Color, and Sex for Clothes, Size, and Brand for Shoes, and Basketball, Football, and Outdoor for Sporting Equipment. Finally, create the actual filters, like Large, Small, Men, Women, Balls, Hoops, Baseball Bats, etc.

        1. Click Add Feature Group at the top right corner.

add feature group

        2. Type in the name of the Feature Group, make sure it's active, and click Save.

save product feature group

        3. On the next page, click Add New Product Feature.

add new product feature

        4. Add a Feature Name. Again, this is the feature you will actually have filters for, such as Size, Brand, Price, etc. Make sure Feature Active is selected and click Save Changes.

product feature

Adding Filters to Categories and Products

Now that you've created the features you'll be filtering by, it's time to add to categories which features will be available, and add to products which options you can filter with.

        1. Go to Products & Categories > Browse Categories then select the category that you need to apply the filter group. Scroll down and expand out Product Features Groups and click Assign Product Features Groups.

assign product features groups

        2. Select the Feature Group on the left under Available Groups, and click the right-pointing arrow to push it to the right under Assigned Groups. Click Save Changes.

assign product features groups options

        3. Go to Products & Categories > Browse products then select the product that you will be adding the filter option to. Scroll down, expand out Features and choose Assign Feature Group.

assign feature group button

        4. Just like on your category, you will want to push the Feature Group from the left to the right and click Save Changes.

product feature group

        5. You will see your features in the Feature Group listed. Now just start typing the filters you want to apply to the product. Like mentioned before, if you're dealing with clothes and size, you might type in XXL, XL, L, M, S, XS. You might have another filter for sex where you type in Men's and Women's.

filter flavors

        6. Save the product and click the link at the top to view it on the storefront. Go to its category and you will now see the filters listed on the category page. If you select the filter and click Apply Filter, only those products assigned to that filter will show up.

sample filters on storefront

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