Now you can edit a selected set of product fields in bulk on the product list page.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.5 R1

Complexity Level: Medium

Estimated Time for Completion: 5-15 minutes

1. In your admin area, click Products on the left side.


2. In the products area, select specific products you wish to edit.


Note: Please bear in mind that if you set a Sale Price for a specific product prior to doing the bulk edit, Sale Price will replace the Price Per Item value in Item Price column.

3. Click the Bulk Actions drop-down menu and click Edit.


4. In the Edit Products section, you will see the field names that you wish to edit.


Change Price - Increase/Decrease the current product price by USD or percentage (%) and below will allow you to round the price to 0.99 if sliding button is enabled.

Change Sale Price - There are two options from the drop-down menu,

  • Set Sale Price - This will change the current product sale price by USD or percentage (%) and below will allow you to round the price to 0.99 if sliding button is enabled.
  • Remove Sale Prices - This will remove all the sale prices of the selected products.

Change Products Category - This will change the category of the selected product.

Change Tax Class - Change the product taxes to Not Taxable or General.

Mark as Hot Deal - Select Yes if the product is a hot deal and No if not.

Show/Hide - This will make the selected products Visible or Invisible in the storefront.

Call For Price - This will make the selected product not available to purchase but customer will need to contact you for the price.

Show Product on Homepage - This will show all the selected product in the home page if set to Yes.

5. Once bulk edit setup is done, click Bulk Update button and click Confirm button to verify that you wanted to update all selected products. 


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