When you add an attribute which, when selected, increases or decreases the base price of the product, it will display this price change in parenthesis next to the attribute. A common request is "How do I remove that?". This article explains how to remove the price change display/

Note: This article will show you how to edit the product page to remove the price modification for attributes that modify the price of the item.   This will work for Pinnacle Cart 3.7.X and 3.8.X.  Please be aware that this requires some html editing.

Removing the Price Modifier HTML in Cart Designer.

This is what a price modifier looks prior to remove the variable.

To remove it, follow these steps.

  1. Click Design > Cart Designer.

  2. Navigate to any product page, right-click around the attribute section and choose Edit Source Code.

  3. You'll know you're on the correct file if it shows you're editing element-purchase.html.
  4. Use Ctrl + F or Command + F on MAC to locate the two instances of {$option.modifier} and remove them both. Click Save.

  5. Exit Cart Designer and return back to your product page. This is what it should now look like.

Removing the Price Modifier HTML Directly in the Files.

  1. Access your files through FTP or your File Manager.
  2. Navidate to /content/engine/design/templates/pages/product/elements/, open the file element-purchase.html and copy the content. Paste the code into a plain text editor like Notepad and save the file as element-purchase.html . Now navigate to /content/skins/_custom/skin/templates/pages/product/elements/ and upload the file.
  3. Edit this file and remove the {$option.modifier} smarty variable.  This variable is in two separate places, normally on line 24 and line 32.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Go to Design > Cart Designer which will refresh your theme.
  6. Now simply click the 'Exit' button in the bottom right corner
  7. Browse your product pages with price modifying attributes and notice that the price modifier is now hidden from view, yet the price still changes when changing the attribute.

Note: One thing to note this is also editable through the Cart Designer so if you don't feel safe you can do it this way.

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