Sometimes our clients ask, "I exported all of my products into a spreadsheet, but why is the Image URL column empty?". Well, that column is only used when your product images are hosted externally on a separate server or service. So, how can you find your product image URLs if you host them in PinnacleCart? This article will tell you how.

Note: This article shows how to use Concatenate in Microsoft Excel. If you're using another software for your .csv files, you will need to look up how to do the operation specifically in that software.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 - Current

Complexity Level: Advanced

Estimated Time for Completion: 20 minutes

Getting Your Image URLs into an Excel Spreadsheet.

1. In your admin area, click Products on the left side.

Note: To find a detailed article about how to export products, see Exporting Products Into A Spreadsheet.

2. On the products list page, click Bulk Actions and select Export.

3. In the pop-up, choose Export all products in the current search result, then click Check All. Click Export.

4. You should then be prompted to download the products.csv file. Once downloaded, open the file. In our example, we've opened the file in Excel.

5. Right-Click on Column A and choose Insert. This should place a column to the left of your Product ID column.

6. The column header should read URL to Product Images or something similar. Every row for this column should be the full URL to the product image directory. This directory would be your store URL plus /images/products/. For example:

Note: Images you upload to products are automatically renamed to use the product ID in the name, followed by the file extension. For example, a product with the ID of strawberry_pie would have it's .jpg image named strawberry_pie.jpg.

7. Right-click on the Product ID column again (which is now column B), and choose Insert again. The column header should read something like Image Type. Each row should then show the image file type for that specific product.

If you know all your images are .jpgs for example, then this part should be easy. Every row would read .jpg. However, if you have different file types a bit more research would be involved. This might include using your File Manager to navigate to the /images/products folder to see each image type. As mentioned in the note above, you can tell which image is meant for each product because the image name matches the product ID.

8. Now go to the column for Image URL. This should be around column AL (as of version 3.8.4 R1). You will want to type the following formula: =CONCATENATE(A2,C2,B2)

..then hit enter. This will merge your first column with the URL, your Product ID column, and your image file column into one line, thus creating the full URL to your image.

9. Next, click on the column you just entered that formula into. At the bottom right of the highlighted border is a tiny square. Double-click it and it will fill out the rest of your column with the same formula. Now every product will contain the image URL in this column. 

10. From there you can copy the text of the column, right-click on the highlighted rows, choose Paste Special, then choose Text. This will replace the formula with the actual text. Now you can remove the first two columns of the spreadsheet.

That's it!

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