PinnacleCart now has a feature in Version 3.8.3r1 that will allow you to create a Contact Form or any kind of form that will suit your needs.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.3r1 - (or Current)

What is a Custom Form?

Note: If you're already using a Custom Form, you can always use this as it's built into the cart and not from a 3rd party option and you're minimizing the areas you need to log into.

A Custom Form will give you options so your Customers can fill out information for contacting or a request to become a wholesaler. Those aren't the only options, there are many more that this could be used for as well, it's just up to you how you would like to use the Form.

Custom Forms give your customer a way to communicate with you and your company if you don't have options for Chat or Phone Support and give you the time to properly answer any questions or address any issues.

How to create a Custom Form

To find the Custom Form area you will enter the Admin>Content>Custom Forms>New Form (or use the pre-generated Contact Us form)

Click the button in the upper right hand corner for New Form. Once you have done this Fill in the required fields:

Form Title - What the form will be called, or a rough description of the form

Form ID - Must be unique within forms, so for example my current form is, "Contact Us", I can then break down the form ID to contact-us.

Is this form active - You can choose to turn forms on and off.

Enable captcha - reCAPTCHA feature must be enabled in cart settings, so you can go to Settings>Advanced Settings>Store Settings>Captcha Settings>Enable Recaptcha (I suggest using Google Captcha code)

Display form title? - Displays the Form Title you entered earlier

Email data to qualified admins - This will send out new form requests to the Admins with this option turned on within their Admin profile (user)

Redirect to URL after form submited - You choose where you would like to redirect your customers after the form has been submitted, if turned off will just take them to the Thank you for submitting page.

Redirect URL - Landing page after submitting form (only works if previous option is turned on)

After you have filled the initial form information you can Save the Form and then create the fields you would like. For my form seen below I'm keeping it pretty basic as to the information required

I'm mainly looking for information that will allow me to open up communication with them.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Message

You can have as many fields as you want.

Next is "Description & "Thank You" Message" portion of the form, this will allow you to provide "Form Instructions / Description", and a "Thank You" Message. The Thank You message will only be displayed if the Redirect URL from above isn't turned on.

Now I've created my Custom Form I can attach it to a Text Page already in use Such as "About Us", or "Contact Us"..

To get to Text Pages, all you need to do is click the link above the options on the Right as shown below:

Once you've found or created the Text Page there is an option to Assign your newly created form to that Text Page. This can be found below the Description box labeled as "Custom form".

As seen above I've changed the Drop Down to the form I've just created. Now that text page will have my new Custom Form embedded with the instructions and fields I've added. The Website will also have a link for this text page to get you to the new Form. In the example below, it illustrates how my form looks within my text page:

After I test my form out that it works and submits my information I can see my Thank You page:

Your Custom Form is now created and you're ready to use it on your site.

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