Bongo Checkout is an integrated and secure international checkout solution that enables your business to reach international consumers through your existing eCommerce infrastructure. Checkout enhances transactions and offers a wealth of benefits.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 to Current

How to access Bongo Checkout In PinnacleCart

You will first log into your Adminstrator Dashboard for your cart

Use the Apps Option on the Left hand side.

If necessary, select App Center in the top Right.

Locate and select Details located under the Bongo Checkout App

Select To register with Bongo Checkout, Click here

How to Set up Your Bongo Checkout Account

Fill in the Company and Personal Information form.

A Bongo Representative will use the information provided to reach out and discuss the best Service Options they provide to suit your needs.

Adding your Bongo Checkout Account to PinnacleCart

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard of your cart. Once there, go back into the Bongo Checkout app as described above. Select Enable in the Top Right.

Next you will need to add the Partner ID and Gateway URL provided by Bongo.


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