Order Notifications allow you to send an email to specified recipients when certain products are purchased. It is a great tool for drop-shippers.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 - Current

How to Enable Order Notifications.

Log in to your dashboard & select Settings > Advanced Settings > Order Notifications.

Order Notification Screenshot 1

To Create a new order notification select Add Order Notification fill out all required fields & Save.

Order Notification Screenshot 3

For advanced email notification options see Settings > Advanced Settings > Order Notifications > Advanced Settings.

Note: Please be advised this type of notification setup is geared more towards your suppliers and/or shippers, not customer based.

How to Create and Assign Notifications

Note: You can create as many Order Notifications as you would like

You will see to Options in Order Notifications, Advanced Settings and Add Order Notification. We'll go through and discuss each of these so you will understand how this is easily setup.

After you have activated your Order Notifications you will first want to choose how these are sent out. This can be done by clicking Advanced Settings in the upper right hand corner. Click on this and then you will see 2 options in the drop down.

Payment is Received - The Notification will be sent out once the Payment is Received. So once this is marked in the Order the Notification will go out to your vendor.

Order Status set to Complete - The Notification will be sent out once the Order is mark Completed. So as above for this option only "Completed" needs to be set.

Now we know how the Advanced Settings works, lets Create a Notification. You can chose what type of Notifications this is for. Here is the list of options you have to select from:

  • Drop-Shipper
  • Warehouse
  • Store
  • Mafucaturer
  • Distributor
  • Other

This is what the form for my test Drop-Shipper looks like after being filled out

Let's go through each field:

Company Name - The company that will be receiving the Notification

Location ID - This can be anything but you can use it if you have multiple Cities, States, Warehouses, etc. For example if I have 4 warehouses in Phoenix, I could list them as follows

  1. PHX1
  2. PHX2
  3. PHX3
  4. PHX_North

This is to help you tell them a part. In order for a Product to have multiple locations you would need custom work.

Contact Name - This is going to be your go to person on the other end that will be handling the order and receiving the notification.

Email - Email for the individual on the Contact Name. If you want to add Multiple Email Addresses to a single Order Notification, you can achieve this by using a comma to separate them.

Type - As listed above you have multiple options to choose from, and can be descriptive as to what Type of shipper they are.

Special Instructions - These will provide your Shipper or whomever is receiving the Notification with instructions to follow each time a order is sent out. This is what they will see every time. If you want this to update for each Order you will need to change each time.

Now let's assign the Notification to the Product. Make sure your Product is Tangible as this will only work for that type of Product.

You can find the Option to Assign your Product Location in the Advanced Settings at the product level. It will look like above. Choose where you would like this Notification to go and you're all set.

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