Gmail is one of the highly-recommended email clients out there to use. There are others such as Outlook, Yahoo, MSN, Thunderbird, and many more. We prefer Gmail as it's one of the easiest to control and use. This means we have a lot of options on what we can do with our accounts. We can use it for WebMaster Tools, Adwords, Google Analytics, and many other Google features.

Note: You will want to set up a Gmail account as this will be used as your primary business email since PinnacleCart no longer hosts email on our servers for version 3.8.x and up.

Applies to Version(s): 3.9.x  Series and future releases

In this article, you will learn:

How to set up a Gmail Account

How to verify your domain

How to set up a Gmail Account

First, navigate to this URL then click the Start Free Trial button. Fill out the required information such as Business Name, Number of employees, including you, and Country. Once done, click Next


After clicking Next, you will then proceed to a page where you will provide your contact info. Fill in the required information, then click Next.


Choose between I have a domain, I'd like to buy a domain, or I'd like a free .page domain. Then click Next.    


If you choose I have a domain, you will proceed on this page wherein you will be providing the domain you purchased. 


If you choose I'd like to buy a domain, you will proceed on this page wherein you will search for a domain that reflects your business's name or brand to help build its online presence.


If you choose I'd like a free .page domain, you will proceed on this page wherein you will search for a free domain that works for your business. Note: All domains ending in .page are free for one year with a Google Workspace account. To know more about setting up Google Workspace with a free .page domain, you can visit this link.


Regardless of your choice, follow the instructions and provide the necessary information for you to move forward. 

Note: Before moving forward, you will need to verify your domain with Google

How to verify your Domain

When verifying your domain, you will want to go to the following link.

You will log in and see a screen as follows:

admin console

After such, you will need to follow the instructions to verify your domain:

verify domain

There are a few different ways to do this. One would be doing the recommended but if you're already using Webmaster Tools or Analytics, you can use the method we have described here. This will walk you through how to add the Meta Tag using the File Manager.

Once this is done, your account is now ready for use with your Company Email. You have plenty of options to add accounts for your employees and overall control of your Company.

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