Applies to Version(s): 3.0.0- 3.8.2 and any future releases

In this article you will learn

How to setup a Gmail Account

How to verify your domain

Note: You will want to setup a Gmail account as this will be used for your primary business email as PinnacleCart no longer hosts email on our servers for 3.8.x carts and up.

Gmail is one of the better email clients out there to use. There are others such as Outlook, Yahoo, MSN, Thunderbird, and many more. I prefer Gmail as it's one of the easier more controllable ones to use. Control meaning I have a lot of options what I can do with my Gmail account. I can use it for Web Master Tools, Adwords, Google Analytics, and many other Google features.

How to setup a Gmail Account

First you will want to navigate in a browser to the following URL. After you've done this fill in the appropriate information pertaining to your Company and Domain. Follow the steps and you will have an Email that is specified for your Domain.

You will see a few Screens like this when going through Setup where you will fill out the required Information:


Note: Before moving forward you will need to verify your domain with Google

How to verify your Domain

When verifying your domain you will want to go to the following link in order to do so.

You will log in and see a screen as follows:

After such, you will need to follow the instructions to verify your domain:

There are a few different ways to do this. One would be doing the recommended but if you're already using Webmaster Tools or Analytics you can use the way we have described here. That will walk you through how to add the Meta Tag using the File Manager.

Once this is done, your account is now ready for use with your Company Email. You have plenty of options to add accounts for your employees and overall control of your Company from here.

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