There’s no denying it, social media sites not only drive traffic to your store but are also effective in creating a viral buzz about your products across the internet. Every visitor to your store is a potential connection to millions of other individuals interested in your products. The Pinnacle Cart Social Media Commerce Platform allows your customers to introduce your products to their friends and followers using Twitter, Facebook commerce, Google+ and more. Best of all, we are providing this add-on to all of our customers for FREE.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 - Current

In this article you will learn

How to activate the API in the cart

How to get the facebook app on to your facebook page

First we need to setup the api access in the cart.

Go to Settings

Go to Advanced Settings


Go to Api Access

Here, enable it and than fill out the information located on this page.

Note: You will need to save the above credentials for the remaining steps below.

Setting up the Facebook App in your Facebook page.

Next You will need to Create a page on Facebook and once done, you will go to the Pinnacle Cart E-Commerce Plus application page on Facebook here.


After you add the app to the page you created and clicked on the add page tab you will see the page below which is where we add the information form the cart admin in the earlier steps.


Note: The url to the store is ( is just an example and you replace it with your own). Also make sure you are using your https url as the facebook app requires a valid https connection.

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