Here you will see how to customize your customers' checkout experience.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 - Current

How to Edit Checkout Settings.

In your admin area, select Settings from the left side menu.

Select Advanced Settings.

Select Checkout.

This menu will give you the options included in the image below:

You can adjust the following:

Require customer login to view price - Enable this by clicking the Toggle on. With this feature enabled, your customers will be unable to see product price without logging in first.

Visitor may add item - Enabled by default, you can turn this off by clicking the Toggle off. With this setting off, only those with accounts can add products to their cart.

Customer Accounts - Select whether you allow guests to checkout, require login, or don't allow account creation.

Starting Order Number - You can increase your starting order number here. This is especially useful if you're moving to PinnacleCart from another solution, so you don't start repeating order numbers. Enter the value and click save.

After Product Added Go To - You can choose Current Page, which is the product or category page the product is added from, or you can choose Cart Page.

Default shipping address to billing address - Toggle this on to make the shipping address automatically the same as the billing address. If enabled, customers will have to click a link to enter a different shipping address.

Display terms and conditions checkbox - Having this on (default) will display a link on your checkout page to your terms and conditions page, which the customer must check to checkout.

Card type must match number - This makes it so that the credit card number entered has to match the format of the card type (VISA, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX) selected.

Clear cart on logout - Toggle this on to make it so that customers who logout of their account have their carts cleared out.

Enable wishlist - Enabling this will allow customers to add products to a wishlist.

Allow out of inventory orders - Enabling this will allow products to be purchased even when they are out of stock.

Inventory Stock Updates When:

  • Order completed - The inventory of your products will update when you manually set an order to Completed status.
  • Payment received - Inventory updates when payment is process, either at checkout or later manually on the order.
  • Order placed - Product inventory is updated as soon as the order is completed by the customer.
  • Add to cart - Inventory is updated as soon as a customer adds the item to their cart. This is useful when customers keep an item in their cart for hours, days or weeks, and you'd like them to have it reserved.

Enable gift message - This will add a gift message text area to your checkout page.

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