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Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 - Current

How to Enable the iDevAffiliate App.

To add iDevAffiliate to PinnacleCart, follow these steps:

First, sign up for an iDevAffiliate account here.

Once you've signed up with them, they will provide you with the files needed to install iDev. You will need to upload the files to your hosted server, so you will need FTP access. See How can I get FTP Access to my Files? for help.

It is recommend to upload to a folder in your store root named 'idev' or 'affiliates'. After uploading, you may need to regenerate your .htaccess file. To do so, go to Search Engine Optimization and click Generate .htaccess at the top right.

On the left side of your admin area, click Apps > App Center > click on the iDevAffiliate logo. Enter the URL to where you've uploaded the iDev files and click Enable. If you named the folder 'idev' the URL you'd enter would be something like

To adjust the text of your iDev link, click back on the iDevAffiliate logo once it's been activated. Change the verbiage of iDevAffiliate Link Text and click Save.

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