Setting up Facebook Login will give your customers an easy way to login to the site and not have to worry about the hassle of having multiple User Names and Passwords across the internet. 

Applies to Version(s): 3.7.15 - 3.8.2r2(or Current)

In this article you will learn

How to activate the Facebook App

Accessing Facebook Dev

Setting up the Facebook Login

How to activate the Facebook App

Login to your Admin for the cart>Apps>Find Facebook login App>Click App

Now that you’ve clicked on your App for Facebook you will need to go to the link within the app which will directly take you over to Facebook Dev ( You will need to fill in the appropriate information to get your cart to Sync with Facebook.

Accessing Facebook Dev

Now when you click the link and are brought to Facebook you will need to sign in if you’re not already.  An App ID and App Secret will be provide by Facebook, you will need these to plug in once you enable.

Next is your Display Name and Namespace that you want to use. After that is App Domains, which is just your domain name and no https:// or http:// used.

You can provide a contact email if you would like but this is totally optional.

You will need to add a App if you don’t have one already. If you have a Business Account already make sure you’re logged in with that and not your Personal Facebook account.

After you have created your App you will then be brought to a screen like the following:

After that you will click “Add Platform

Here you will select Website:

Next your screen should now look like the following but without Site URL and Mobile Site URL filled out.

What you will need to put in for these fields is just an http version of your domain so for example:

Then click save and head back to your cart.

Setting up Facebook Login

Here we will activate the Facebook App. Now you will need the App ID and App Secret to plug in when you click Enable:

Facebook App Screenshot 8

Once you’ve done that, go to the front of your site and click “Login”. You should see a screen similar to this (depending on your current template)

Facebook App Screenshot 9

Click the Login with Facebook to test and enter your information:

Facebook App Screenshot 10

Facebook login is now working on your cart! Enjoy.

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