Avalara has been disrupting the status quo in the “scintillating” world of sales tax management since 2004, and continue to blaze new roads in this very old industry. From the beginning, their dedicated team of revolutionaries has worked day and night to help businesses of all sizes achieve compliance by providing a fast, easy, and accurate way to manage transactional taxes. If you're needing to add multiple tax brackets, codes for various States, Counties, Zips, Avalara will be the right option for you. 

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.0 to Current

How to access Avalara In PinnacleCart

You will first log into your Adminstrator Dashboard for your cart

Use the Apps Option on the Left hand side.

If necessary, select App Center in the top Right.

Locate and select Details located under the Avalara App

Select Sign up for an Avalara account

How to Set up Your Avalara Account

First select a plan that will fit your needs. Next fill in the New Account Information that appears in the box then proceed through to checkout.

This will prompt an email from Avalara with your temporary Log-In information.

Use the log-in information emailed, including link to correct log-in area, to set up your account with Avalara. Guidance on their system and how to set up can be found at Avalara Help Center 

Adding your Avalara Account to PinnacleCart

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard of your cart. Once there, go back into the Avalara app as described above. Select Enable in the Top Right.


Use the Account #License Key, Company Code, and Avalara Webservice URL provided by Avalara.


Provided the information entered into your PinnacleCart is correct, your Avalara Account is now activated. 

Adding in your Avalara Tax Codes.

Once you've activated Avalara, you will now import tax codes. To do this, go back to Apps. Click Avalara.

Click the Tax Codes button.

If you want to import generic tax codes or custom tax codes you've created within Avalara, click the Update Avalara Tax Codes button. Look below for manuaally adding codes.

In the dialog box that pops up, you would enter the Avalara username and password you use to login to your account with them.

Next, click Add Avalara Tax Code.

Now you would see the generic and default tax codes from your Avalara account. You can add them into your cart here.

The other option is to manually add tax codes. To do this, you can skip the step where you enter your Avalara credentials.

Click Add Code.

Enter your Tax Name and Tax Code and click Save.

Adding Tax Codes to your Products.

To add the tax codes you've imported or created, go to Products. Click on a product to edit it.

Scroll down and expand out Advanced Settings.

Below Avalara tax codes, click the drop-down menu and select the tax code you'd like applied to that product. Click Save at the top right when you're done.

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