Order Forms are a new feature added into PinnacleCart as of version 3.8.3 R1. Order Forms allow you to create a true one page checkout. Using a single URL, you can direct your customers to a page that contains all of the products and quantities needed for checkout, along with the billing, shipping and payment forms.

Applies to Version(s): 3.8.3 R1 - Current

How to Create an Order Form

Creating an Order Form is pretty simple and intuitive. To began, click Products on the left side of the admin area, then click Order Forms in the sub menu.

Click Add Form at the top right.

Before adding products to your Order Form, you will need to initially create it. On this page, set the Form Name. Since you're creating a new form, you will want to turn Active on, but you can always deactivate it later if need be. If you'd like your user to be able to change the amount of item they're buying, then go ahead and enable User can change product quantities?.

For Thank you page, Default will take your users to the same completed page as a normal checkout. If you choose Custom, you will be able to enter the URL of the Thank You page you want to use. For example, you can create a custom Thank You text Page and link to its URL.

Finally, under Search Engine Optimization, you can assign a custom URL if you'd like. If you don't it will autofill with a URL that matches your form name.

After you've made your selections, click Save.

The page will reload, and you will now see a section for Order Form Products. In the Add Product field, you can start typing a product name or ID and your products will pop up in a drop down menu. If you click on a product showing there, it will save into the Products in Order Form section. If you accidentally add one, you can click Delete to remove it.

Once you've added the products you'd like, go ahead and click Save. You can now view what the form looks like by clicking the View on Storefront link at the top.


Now you have created your Order form, you can provide a direct link to the customer by using the "View on Storefront" option or create a new Text Page where customers can access all of your created Order Forms. You can design this page up with Hyper Links or Code the page for direct access to the Products. 

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