We have a lot of customers that like to track their customers that visit the site and how many checkout, this can be achieved by adding code from Google, FaceBook, etc to their Thank You page. This can be used for Conversion Tracking, Audience Pixel, etc. This article will give you a walk through on where to place that code and how to get it in there. 

Applies to Version(s): 3.7.8 - 3.8.2r2 (or Current)

In this article you will learn

What is this code?

How to find the area to add

Where do I add this code in my cart?

What is this code?

Note: This code is mainly for SEO and tracking purposes to your site.

This code allows you to place a single pixel, or line of code across your entire website to report conversions, build audiences, and get rich insights on how your customers visit your site. 

For FaceBook Conversion Code you can look you will want to read up what they can do for you. 

For Google Conversion Tracking you can read more by following the link. 

How to find the area to add

First you will want to find the file in which we're going to be making a copy of. The file is Completed.html. This can be found by navigating to your file manager

[cart root]/content/engine/design/templates/pages/checkout/completed.html

Make a copy of this file on your local computer, save in your documents and name it completed.html.

Now we're going to upload this file back into your File Manager to a different path where you then will be able to add the code:

[cart root]/content/skins/_custom/skin/templates/pages/checkout/

Once you have done this you can then move on to the next part and get the code added in. 

Where do I add this code in my cart?

Now we have our File completed.html save to the correct area we can add our code. I typically like to copy the code that is in the file and paste into a Notepad (preferably Notepad++ or Sublime text).

Your code will roughly look like what I have below:

Now you have the code in the Text document, do a CTRL+A to highlight the full document, and CTRL+C to copy. Go into the admin of the cart where you have the file uploaded to and CTRL+A again to highlight and CTRL+V to paste over the old code.

After you have pasted your code in, hit Save>Design>Cart Designer>Exit Cart Designer, or clicking refresh on the theme (depending on the cart version). If that doesn’t work, check your “_custom” directory for the same file and add the code there (if it exists).

Your Code has now been placed.  

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