If you are using the Yahoo name servers (DNS), you can change the DNS settings (DNS zones, DNS records) such as the A record. The A record is the DNS record that holds which IP address the domain should point to. This is the record you need to change so it points to PinnacleCart servers so your domain name then points to your store. The steps provided are based on the last known setup for this domain's DNS administration page. If the steps are no longer accurate, please see this page for the most up-to-date instructions on editing the DNS records for this domain host.

Applies to Version(s): All versions

Note: Contact support to get the IP address for your store if you do not have it.

Getting Started

Login to your Yahoo account.

Under Go To, click Domain Control Panel.

domain control panel

Click Manage Advanced DNS Settings.

DNS settings

On the right side of the row next to the A Record you are changing, click Edit.

edit A record

Under Destination enter the IP given to you by the support.

Click Submit, and click Submit again when asked.

edit destination

To add your CNAME, click Add Record.

add record

Under Source, enter www.

Under Destination enter (your domain).

Click Submit, and click Submit again when asked.


Once you have finished these settings, it may take up to 48 hours for the changes to be seen across the internet, so please be patient.

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If you didn't get your question answered, please contact the Pinnacle Cart Support Team. To submit a ticket, go to the My Account drop-down menu at the top right of the admin area and select Support.